Given a crumb when you give the whole Cake Part 1


The clock strikes 11 p.m. and it’s time for her to clock out of work. She is six months pregnant at this time. She clocks out of work and starts walking down this pitch black alley.Tired from work, she finds a bench and rests her sore and swollen feet. She then decides to call her friend. Her and her friend are chatting. Her friend then asks why was she walking 11 o’clock at night being a female and pregnant by herself? She replies that she didn’t have a ride. Her friend then asks why did her boyfriend not pick her up? she replies that she did not want to ask or bother him. You might be asking yourself, who is she talking about? (sips tea).This six month pregnant woman is my friend Jasmine. ( fictional name for privacy). I am the friend that she calls.

    Jasmine is 25 years old as her boyfriend is 19. Jasmine has been with her boyfriend, Ricky (fictional name), for a year. She has a roommate and he lives with his parents. two months later they both got let go from their job. They both later ended up finding another job. Jasmine was still struggling though. She had no car and she was becoming a problem to her roommate. Jasmine would not help with chores around the apartment and barely wanted to help out with her half of the rent. All of Jasmine money was going toward Ricky. ( yes I know)

     Becoming stressed out, jasmine calls me crying. She explains to me that she has nothing to eat and she needs food. I am away on vacation so I send her money to get something to eat for the night. Secretly becoming frustrated with her boyfriend, I ask her if she has asked her boyfriend for help. She states that he has other things to do and that she does not want to bother him. At this time I am beyond heated towards both of them. Ricky has a job and wants all of jasmine’s money for weed and jasmine is going above and beyond for Ricky. Already frustrated, I end the conversation and enjoy the rest of my night.

        Jasmine calls me the next week and tells me Ricky has cheated on her with multiple women. One of those women happens to be someone he introduced jasmine to as his “friend from high school” Tammy. He had said they grew up together and that Jasmine had nothing to worry about.I ask her how did she know this. She replies that she looked through his phone. She hysterically starts balling her eyes out. Wanting to tell her I told her so, I just comforted her ( best friend duties. I know women can relate to that. She tells me how she is beyond done with him

       Some weeks go by and she is doing very well. I’m so happy for her. Her and her roommate are on a better page, she is keeping and saving her money, and she is healthier. One day she receives a phone call from Ricky’s brother, Steve ( fictional name). Steve informs Jasmine that Ricky was in a very bad car accident and had to go to the hospital. Jasmine then calls me and asks if I could take her to the hospital. I agreed to take her.

     On the way to the hospital she is just ranting about how she doesn’t know why Steve would call her when she no longer cares about Ricky. As I am driving and listening to her I could tell she still somewhat cared about Ricky. She did a horrible job at hiding her feelings. We arrive at the hospital and she is speed walking inside. We ask for the room number. We start walking to his room. Jasmine opens the door to Ricky’s room. There sitting on his bed with him is his ” high school friend” Tammy..

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