My untold truths ( a letter to my ex)

letter-mail-envelopeDear Ryan,

Thank you for coming into my life. Though we are no longer together, I took our relationship as a blessing and a lesson in my life. You have shown me so much and I’ve learned a lot from you.  My next relationship I will now have a better understanding as to what to look for in a man.

  •       You always felt like I was clingy. The truth is I just love being that annoying girlfriend.
  • You at some point didn’t find me attractive anymore. The truth is I acknowledged that and worked out more and got a little more dressed up for you but you still never noticed.
  • You always felt like I never wanted to be around you. The truth is I just never felt wanted or desired by you.
  • At some point you felt like I had no drive because I stopped discussing my goals and dreams with you. The truth is I decided to move in silence because you would love to shoot down my hopes and dreams.
  • You always felt like I was so emotional. The truth is you, yourself said you were the  unemotional type. So there in, you cannot and would not sympathize with my feelings because you didn’t understand feelings.
  • You always felt like I was childish by playing mind games to test you. The truth is you were right. I didn’t know where I stood at in your life anymore so I tested your love in multiple ways when I should have just walked away.
  • You felt like I no longer was interested in you. The truth is that I just fell back a little and began to learn to focus on me
  • You always wanted to state who is wrong or right. The truth is I never cared about being wrong or right. I just wanted to fix the problem.


If you are reading this it’s already too late. I’ve moved on with someone else better. He treats me like the queen I am and that I know I deserve to be treated like. I’ve learned to think more highly of myself and when I don’t because I have slip ups, my king comes and fixes my crown for me.  If I didn’t come across you, I wouldn’t know how to handle him.  He makes me such a better person. He pushes me to be better than I was yesterday and is there through every smile and tear. I thank you so much for the good times as well as the not so pleasant ones.  I have my king now and I will continue living out my happily ever after with him.


p.s  Let her know to stock up on aspirin. You’re her headache now. I’m free!

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