Water your Garden

22281-Pink-Rose-Garden     Have you or someone else ever bought you flowers that you just absolutely adore and find so beautiful? I know I have. ( I just love red and white roses)!!! okay back to reality.  Those beautiful flowers you adore at first, but then soon forget to water it and give it sunlight due to you being busy or just being neglectful or whatever the case is and those flowers begin to die. The same concept goes for your relationship or marriage.

” Let’s go out tonight baby”. She said. ” Baby let’s just watch a movie on the couch” he replied.  “But we haven’t been out in months”. I know, but I just really feel like staying in tonight”. he said.  This is what we call getting or being content and comfortable which equals BORING!!!!! Nobody likes a boring relationship. I repeat NOBODY likes a boring relationship. Somebody say it one more time for the people in the back for me please.

A lot of times when we’re with somebody for awhile it becomes easy to get  comfortable and it may end up eventually boring and therefore predictable. You have to look for ways to spice things up a little bit to remind each of what you have. Okay?? (snaps) Let’s get into it, shall we?

Always remember what you were doing before you met your sweetheart.  Got it? Now do it. A lot of women. ( I was one of them). tend to forget their hobbies before their relationship came along and get caught up in the life of your boyfriend. Whatever you were doing before the relationship is what made him attracted to you in the first place. It also gives you something to always talk about with your sweetie.

Surprise one another. A lot of times when I take off from work and my boyfriend is working, I like to cook him breakfast and have his night clothes layed out for him in the bathroom because I know he had a long night at work and I don’t always do it so it becomes a surprise because he isn’t expecting it.

Spend some time apart.  Give each other some room to breathe. Example would be if one of you went away on a trip with your friends for a few days or a week. Spending a little time apart gives time for the other to enjoy their freedom but also gives time for y’all to miss each other.

Send romantic text messages or a very seductive picture( if you trust him enough and I put emphasize on TRUST) when you apart. Always give your mate something to think about while their at work or to let them know their appreciated and their on your mind as well.

Be aware and attentive. Sometimes when we’re with somebody for so long we tend to stop noticing things about them whether that be he cut his beard, she lost weight, or their mindset or the way they see things in life has changed. When you don’t make their physical changes known or try to get inside their head every now and again, you tend to grow apart because your mate has grown as a person and you may haven’t. You want to grow together.

Always incorporate date night. We all get busy in life. We have exams, work, kids, etc. but all of these things are a commitment.  Start to look at date night as a commitment.  Have an exam? have your sweetie help you study. Kids? get a baby sitter or enjoy a quiet night doing something when they are in bed. Whatever it is you have to do, do it.  You don’t necessarily have to go out and spend money all the times. Watch a movie on hulu  or Netflix while cooking a nice meal together.

Never forget to actually date each other. You don’t want your garden to die. You want it to grow and continue to grow. Always look for ways to reinvent yourself so that your relationship or marriage becomes unpredictable and exciting. Remember how you got them is how you keep them.


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