Sometimes you gotta go to the back of that closet (X-rated)

IMG_20180402_191539~2So you’ve been with your man for a very dry number of years and you are starting to feel like you’re losing his attention in bed. Don’t panic girl!  Every now and again you gotta remember to go to the back of that closet and put on that very sexy dress he loves and forgot all about.

So how can you spice it up in bed with your man? There are pletntyyyyy ways to put it down in the bedroom on your man ok?? But I will only share a few. Lets get the ball rolling

  1. BE SPONTANEOUS.  Sex is so much more enjoyable when it’s not expected.  When your man comes off work and he gets in the shower, jump in with him. If he’s washing dishes or doing whatever it is he does, just pull his dick out and start sucking it. Catch him off guard and on his toes. If you really bold and y’all in a public place, take him into the bathroom and get it poppin.  Just make sure the stall is locked *gives awkward face*. Then go back to dinner, shopping, or whatever it was y’all were doing together.
  2. SUCK HIS DICK.  I cannot tell you enough how important it is to suck your man off. I don’t know what it is with men and head, but men love getting head. This is how you snatch his soul. Your juice box can be very good, but girl, to snatch his soul, you have to suck it out of him.  I understand there are some females that don’t know how to give head or just don’t enjoy it. I’m going to say this. The head isn’t going to be good if you’re not enjoying giving it. It’s not suppose to feel like a chore. You’re suppose to want to suck your man off. “Like mmmm it’s Wednesday and I haven’t sucked my man’s dick in four days, I’m going to suck him today”. That’s how you should be. Just like you crave for him to fuck you, crave to suck that pickle!  When you’re sucking his dick keep in mind three things: no teeth, keep your mouth wet, and rhythm.  Always make sure your mouth is wet.  Nobody wants a dry dick.  It’s suppose to be wet and sloppy.  Stop worrying about looking cute. He don’t care about that, he cares about it feels.  Listen and respond to body language. When you’re doing something and he says ” oh shit” or something like that, do it again because he likes it.
  3. DON’T BE LAZY. Nobody I repeat NOBODY likes a lazy fucker. I hear so many of my guy friends say they don’t enjoy sex with their woman because she just lays there. What??? No. Stop being a bump on a log. Sometimes he needs to fuck you and sometimes you need to fuck him. Depending on how horny you both are, it needs to be a mixture of both.  Just think about it if it was you. Would you always want to be on top or always giving head but not receiving it?? NO.  He feels the same.  Nobody likes missionary all the time. Take control sometimes.  Like if he’s giving you back shots, instead of letting him fuck you, fuck him back. Sex is suppose to be a workout for both people. If you not sweating, you probably not doing any work ok?
  4. BE CONFIDENT.  A lot of women I know probably aren’t confident with certain things in the bedroom. Confidence is what really turns a man on.  Even if you aren’t confident, fake it until you make it.  I really under no circumstances condone cheating. But you really can’t be mad if he’s getting it somewhere else.  Do your job. Especially if you’re between the ages of 19-28. Hormones are crazy then so make sure to do your job. Like I said, I do not condone cheating but this happens.
  5. FINISH THE JOB.  The last thing you want to do to your man is to give him blue balls. When I say finish the job, I mean depending on the situation make him cum more than once. If you’re living together, maybe one time is okay. But if y’all not living together and not going to see each other like that, at the very minimum make him cum at least two times. I aim for three times. Now men usually cum faster and easier than us women do.  You want the sex to last until the next time he sees you. Because sucking dick can become painful, maybe fuck him twice and suck him once to make him cum three times. After that, he going to sleep. That’s how you know you completed the job. He should be hungry or sleepy afterwards. If you come out the bathroom and he already sleep, girl… get a clap from me. You just put it down on him!  However often you see your man, depends on the number of times you need to make him cum.



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