A message to my “hater”

interested kim kardashian GIF-sourceI must still be on your mind for you to follow me on social media. I don’t acknowledge you because you’re not worth my time nor respect. I’m not about to get on your level because I’m already above you.  If you’re going to continue on this path, I have so much more for you to be mad at. Please don’t ever get this message confused with “fear”. Naw, you can get every issue you looking for.  You have my number as well as my address.

If you thought you left me in a big situation to take care of, think again. I was already ten steps ahead of you. The thing about getting mad is you tend to talk too much and let out your plans before it happens. You see, I don’t have to pay for anything. I sleep well at night continuing to live my best life.

I really wish you would grow up. You’re totally insecure and have no self love. I don’t think I know anybody who would take someone back after giving them a STD multiple times and cheating on them. You paint a happy picture on social media but the ones in your circle know the truth. You’re “so called friends” never even showed up to your baby shower. hmmmm, but we won’t talk about that.  When we first became friends, I heard rumors about you but gave you the benefit of the doubt anyways. I never let you know anything true about me because of those rumors. I’m just so glad this happened. It had to happen.

Feeding a person lies is due until they earn your trust. Not everyone deserves to know you or the depths of your heart. It was an eye opener because you thought you could expose me based off the lies I told you. I’m really glad your character showed. I’m glad you came into my life to show and teach me a lesson.

I pray and hope that you grow up soon. I also hope you gain some self confidence in yourself because your insecurity shows through your actions. It’s not a coincidence that everyone keeps distancing themselves from you because of your character. It’s not cute nor attractive to be full of drama.  You only attract more childish and drama filled people ( I guess that’s why you have a 19-year-old boyfriend when you’re 25). You will never prosper in life being negative and living a childish lifestyle. You steady complain about how you can’t get this or that, but you are who you associate with. Which is why I chose to distant myself from you and anyone else who don’t have the same vision as myself in life.

To  anyone reading this post, ” When you focus on the bread, the birds come”-. Please remember that sometimes when you’re doing good in life people will come into your life to use you.  Always be mindful of the things you tell anyone you feel as though you cannot trust. Trust your inner instinct.  Only those that you for sure trust should know every single side of you or the depths of your heart. Never let someone take your kindness for weakness…Be Selfish ( but still with class)

p.s  Thank you for always being a fan.  Love being on your mind. Means I’m doing something right.


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