The voicemail I will never forget

download ” Sierra, please pick up. I need your help. Please, please pick up!” Those were the last words I heard from my best friend in the whole world Shontae.

Me and shontae were like bonnie and Clyde. Wherever you saw one, you saw the other. we often double dated. We had been friends ever since middle school. We were almost like sisters in a sense.

Shontae’s boyfriend  name was Corey. Corey and her had a very complicated love-hate relationship. Shontae was one of those crazy chicks and that just turned Corey on so much.  They had dated for six years on and off. During that time, she became pregnant with his child. Of course, after giving birth you’re not allowed to have sex for a certain time frame.  Shontae just wasn’t hearing that. She ignored every single order from her doctor and was having sex with Corey.   Corey soon realized that he couldn’t do that to her until she’s better so he stopped until her time from healing was done. He soon couldn’t hold out and began sexing other women. Shontae became very enraged at him for this and ended the relationship.

She began having sex with other men during her healing time.( Not all at one time just to clarify.) She began seeing this guy named Maurice. He was a doctor. He wanted to know Shontae on a personal level. He even looked at her daughter like his own after awhile of dating.  She fell hard for Maurice. Shontae found out later that he had a girlfriend that was in college in another state. She became devastated. The cycle of dating began and ended in different ways and reasons.

There was this one particular guy Shontae was dating at one point named Kadeem.  The way she talked about sounded like she liked him a lot.  She made it clear that he was good to her and treated her like a queen. After a few months of dating, Kadeem revealed to shontae that he was bisexual and had HIV.  Shontae just didn’t know what to do. She had felt like she reached her lowest point in life and was ready to give up.  She called me sobbing and I could just feel the hurt and pain in her voice from the news.

Soon after her and Kadeem broke up, she began seeing this guy Rashad.  When she called and told me about him, I was worried because I just knew Shontae didn’t inform him of the status of her health. I kept talking to her multiple times about the consequences it could bring to her.  She wasn’t having it. She then informed that she was moving to Florida to be with him. I just didn’t know how to handle the news. I was so scared for her health and the consequences of not saying anything to him about her health. She moved to Florida a month later.

It was a Friday night, which is typically date night for my boyfriend and I.  We’re constantly on our phones so we made a no phone policy when we’re on a date.  As I was out on our date, I saw I got a text from Shontae. I ignored it. I later on got a phone call from her but it went to voicemail because we were inside a movie. When we got out the movie. I responded back to my messages and everything. I had a voicemail from shontae.” Sierra, please pick up. I need your help. Please, please pick up!”  I still to this day cannot tell you how I felt when hearing that message. My heart felt like it had shattered into a trillion pieces. My adrenaline was running. I tried calling her back but got no answer. I decided to call her sister to see if she had heard from Shontae. Her sister not the rest of her family didn’t hear from her. I’m now already in tears fearing the worst about her.

We get home from our date and I become quiet. My boyfriend happens to glance over at me and notices that I’m becoming fidgety with everything. He then touches me and asks what’s wrong. I burst into tears shaking frantically. I inform that Shontae might be dead.  I let him hear the voicemail I received. He just embraced me and just held me until I felt better.

Two days later I receive a phone call from Shontae’s sister confirming that she’s dead. Her sister as I’m pretty sure you can imagine wasn’t taking it well. She informed that Rashad had found out about Shontae’s status and killed her. I just was so down. I blamed myself for awhile. She was trying to reach out to me but I chose to ignore her text and phone call while out on a date. I will never make that mistake again with anybody. I truly miss my best friend. I know she’s in a better place and I will always love her.


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