Get Rid Of That Dead Weight

DW_title-screenWhen you think of dead weight what do you think of? ( don’t all answer at one time). Dead weight is something that just slows you down because of the weight.  This is very much like you’re “friends”.  Friends are good, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it’s time to clean house and get rid of the dead weighted ones.

Dead weight in a friend is someone who has nothing to offer you and takes up space. (We don’t need that baby)There is a reason why rich people only  entertain conversation with rich people. They all have the same or similar mindset.  You really are who you have in your circle. This can make or break your success. Be very careful.

Winners are very picky and cautious who they let into their circle. Now I want you to know there’s a difference between an inner and outer circle friend. An inner circle friend is that friend you can call any hour of the night. They are the ones closest to you. The ones you call first for advice or suggestion.

Inner circle friends are the most important of them all. Why?  because inner circle friends have the most influence over your decisions.  As I stated earlier, your friends really can make or break your success.  You can’t work out with an inner circle friend that never wants to work out. It doesn’t work like that. The people closest to you influence your decisions. Whether that’s good or bad.

Your inner circle is also the people that can hold a mirror up to you and tell you about yourself. They let you know when you’re off track. They see things in you that you may not notice. Always be picky about the quality of that circle. Be the CEO of your life. You have the power to hire and fire anyone that comes into your life whether that’s friends, lover, family, etc.


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