The women that forgive cheating men

woman-299Beyoncé and jay-Z, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, Vince and Tamar. We’ve all heard in the news or on gossip websites about these cheating scandals.  So many hate comments were made about Tristan on his instagram but the world knows nothing about their relationship. Yes I agree what he did was totally wrong.You probably even witnessed someone in your life get cheated on. But is there ever a reason to take back a cheater???

To be fair, nobody can ever make that decision for you on whether or not to forgive someone that cheated on you. Only you can make that decision. We don’t know anything that goes on in the life of celebrities. We only know what they choose to share. So to the people that judge other people’s decision to stay with a cheater is totally irrelevant because you’re on the outside looking in.

If you choose to forgive a cheater, you must first assess your relationship or marriage. Did or do you have a strong foundation? Was it just a mistake and that’s it?  Nobody can really answer those questions but you. If you know he’s a good person and he just made a mistake, but he’s not a mistake and y’all had something more good than bad. Then you start from there. Don’t try to make a circus into a happy home. If you know in your heart what you have with this person is worth fighting for, don’t throw it away because you may have to deal with it from the next person you end up with it. So learn to deal with the issue now. You can’t move forward until you accept and let go of the situation.  Don’t forgive and then throw their cheating back up in their face. That only creates more issues.You need to do self reflection. What is it about you that you could do better? Even if you’re perfect, which nobody is. Then why are you allowing this happen. You only have control over you and nobody else.

If you choose to not forgive someone who cheated on you, you hold yourself hostage to the situation. To be clear, when I say forgive. I did not mean you go back to him. You can forgive and make either choice. After you have made your choice on whether to go or stay, you have to heal yourself from what happened. You may have to go on vacation, counseling, etc. Just heal from the situation.

When you don’t forgive the cheater in your life you allow them to strip away your happiness, confidence, and joy. Don’t live in misery. Never allow one person to keep you in a negative space based off the past moving forward into the present and future. Never give someone power over your emotion.



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