The Time I Was The Side Chick!!!

x2x9xY’all when I tell y’all that s**t got real that night, s**t got real. Like I would have ended up on Snapped. ( pauses and takes a deep breath) but let’s get into the story shall we?


I was a senor in high school and I was dating this guy name Adam. Adam was the biggest a**hole ever. I saw so many red flags but I mean, what do you expect I was still young.  Adam was older than me, he was actually a freshman in college. We met through a mutual friend at a birthday party. We exchanged numbers and then it kind of took off from there. We would facetime each other all the time. Our conversations would be really deep. Everything he would say I could totally relate to. So we ended up building a connection.

After I graduated, that fall I ended up going to college. Me and Adam had a psychology class together.  After class was over I would have a huge gap in between my next class. So Adam would always want me to come over to his mom house. Which is also where he lived. I went. ( No nothing happened sometimes). We would really spend time together.  He had a very dysfunctional family and always had issues within his family.  I would always try to be there for him mentally and physically because I cared about him.

I had a car but he didn’t. I saw some of the problems that was happening in his family. I wanted to help him get out of that situation.  So when I got paid from my job every Friday I would help him out by giving him something to help him get on his feet to get a car. He told me he was saving it up and he was looking for a job in the process. I said okay cool. This went on for about a year and some change.

We just was always there for each other. One day after class. It was raining and cold. Adam sister came to pick him up from class. My car had a flat tire so he told his sister he would stay with me to make sure I was okay until my dad came. Instead my mom ended up coming. My dad couldn’t make it to campus so I had to leave my car there overnight. I asked my mom if she could drop Adam home. She said no. I was sooooo embarrassed and felt so bad for him.  He had to walk home in the cold rain because he chose to stay with me.  My mom did not like him at all as she already met him.  (I did not talk to my mom for a long time)

Adam’s mom loved me. We talked and texted each other all the time. She always invited me to come to church with her. I went most of the time. So we pretty much had a good relationship.

The next day I showed up to class. I apologized to him on my mom’s behalf. He brushed it off and it was as if nothing happened the day before. My mom ended up texting me apologizing to me. I ended up forgiving her. But she said something that made me upset all over again. She said ” you’re just always at his house and nowhere else in public. Why?” I started to get upset and make excuses for him.

One day he asked me for $500 dollars so he could get this car he wanted. He had the rest he had saved up from me. I gave it to him. I was just so excited for him to finally get on his feet and in a better place in his life. ( pause). Over the course of a year and some change I had given this boy over $1,000. (resume).

The next day It’s the weekend, Saturday. Adam calls me to ask me what I’m doing. I tell him I’m with my mom out shopping. I asked him did he want to hang out that night.  He says he can’t because he’s going to see a movie with his mom and step-dad.  Hurt, but I understood, I say okay. But then he said something that sparked my curiosity. He asked ” do you speak to my mom, like have her phone number”? I said yea why? ” Don’t text or call her phone because she going to be with me.” Becoming more curious I go “okayyyy”.  I waited for awhile. I went to his mom house later that night. She was home, but Adam wasn’t. I knock on the door.( mind you, she has no idea that I’m coming). She opens the door in surprise.  ” Hi sweetie, I thought you were at the movie with Adam.” Trying to not let the disappointment show I go ” yea I’m actually on my way now, I just wanted to stop by.” She then informs me that Adam broke his phone and she let him hold hers for the night. We hold a short conversation and then I leave. I get in my car. ( Pause) I never started pressing buttons on my phone so fast. I called like three of my friends and ask did they want to go to a movie that night. They agreed and we went.

In the car I inform them on the situation. My stomach was just rumbling, my adrenaline was going and I just wanted to confront him. I just felt so disrespected and played and I wanted him to know everything.  My friends was ready. When I tell you they were ready, like we were squad goals that night.  I already knew what movie he was in because he talked about the movie so much before it came out.  My friends and I buy a ticket. We sit down in the movie theater and watch the movie. So I pull my phone out and start texting him ( his mom’s phone).  I ask if Adam was with her. I saw this boy look at my message and put his phone back down. I got even more upset. I’m like I can’t even watch this movie right now. By this time I’m wanting to go confront him now in front of everybody. I did not care. My friends are just like “chill Sierra”. I then see the girl he was with lean in for a kiss. ” Oh hell no” my friend goes. So we get up rushing to his seat.

” So this is why I couldn’t text your mom’s phone huh, because you have it?” The girl is just looking so confused but curious at the same time. I ask her who payed for this movie. She tells me Adam did.  ” You used the money I gave you to take someone else out when you never took me out at all.” He was never looking for a car y’all. I was beyond heated. So a big argument escalated and all of us ( including Adam and the girl) ended up getting kicked out the movies.  I later found out that Adam had been with this girl for three years.  The girl ended up breaking up with him and he was just looking so sad. She left him at the movies and he had to find his own way back home.

I was just so young and dumb. You live and you learn. Nobody could ever play me like that ever again.  My mom was right. I learned a valuable lesson from her. If he can’t be seen with you in public during the day, then something isn’t right, and boy something sure wasn’t.




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