I Can’t Find Anyone….But You’re The Problem

Bored Young Woman Stirring Coffee   (Pause) Let me just start this blog out by saying it’s raining so hard right now. Well, by the time this blog gets out it won’t be anymore. I just love the rain. I’m a big coffee person so I just love to sit on the balcony and listen to the rain. When it’s not I’m always using the Rainymood app ( thank me later! (this was not sponsored) . I’m just loving this weather y’all. Okay. I just had to get that out. (resume)

We’ve all had exes or previous relationships or marriages. Those relationships didn’t work out for whatever reasons and you’ve left them alone.  Everyone also has their own level of tolerance from people. In other words what they will and will not put up with from someone.  It really comes down to who’s sh** are you going to deal with because everyone comes with baggage. We’re all imperfectly flawed in some sort of way.  That special someone isn’t going to have everything you want in a person. Something is going to be missing. They’re going to be messing up or lacking something. That’s really okay. You just have to know going into the relationship what you will and won’t tolerate to save your time as well as your mate.

Let’s say person A you’ve dated cheated on you, was messy all the time, didn’t respect you, etc. Then you date person B who is faithful, very tidy, and respects but has another flaw, then its really nothing to get upset over and leave them for. Some people are very temporary in life. What I mean by that is some people are just so quick to walk away from a good person because of their flaws without realizing that the next person they get it is going to be flawed as well in some kind of way. So always know what you can deal and can’t deal with. Outweigh your relationship. Is there more good times then bad? if so, why are you walking away?

We will never be with someone long enough if we just keep cutting them off for every single thing that they do.  You really have to consider this for yourself. Make sure when you get with somebody that they don’t have a flaw that caused you to walk away from the last person you were with and know what you want from a relationship. If not you’re just going to be looking forever. ( and that’s something we don’t want honey).

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