There’s Levels To My Love

icon_batteryWe all go into relationships giving the person our all as in making sure their basic needs are being met and trying to be the best mate you can possibly be ( or at least some of us do).  We’re giving them everything out of the relationship to make them feel fulfilled.

I’m going to take this a step further personally. There’s levels to the things I do for my mate. I do this because when I get into a relationship, I get into it with the intent that we’re going to be together and we’re building a future together. So in order for me to keep my relationship spicy, sexy, and spontaneous I have levels to my relationship.

An example would be gifts. The first year of dating someone I would not buy them a whole outfit and a pair of shoes for their birthday. My first year I may  buy them a card and take them to dinner. Then maybe six years from now I’m taking my mate on a cruise for his birthday. There’s always levels.  Sex I may give him all the basics and then a couple months later turn it up by introducing role play, dressing up, or start doing crazy positions.  Once again there’s levels to this. How do you get to the next level?

You earn these levels by doing your part in the relationship. Being dedicated and just by being a good man. The more you make me happy, the more I want to and going to do more for you. I will give, surprise, and open up more.  Some readers may not agree with me, but I do not put my all on the table in the relationship in the beginning. I hold back because you have to earn it.  To be clear you’re going to get a great woman at the door.I’m always going to be a great woman. This is just something I do to keep my relationship interesting and spicy.

Also, as a closing piece. You should not do this expecting something back in return, but as an act of worthiness. Is this person you’re with worthy of the next level of your love? Sometimes we give so much but for the wrong reasons and then we get let down when they don’t show us the love we want back. When you do this, you have no actual evidence if this person is actually worthy of your love.  Look at this person as someone who has to earn your trust. Then asses if this person is just using you  or giving you the love you deserve and want back.  Make them earn your love!


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