Truly In Love Or Just Plain Stupid?

crazy-stupid-love-tc     I love him or I love her. Blah blah blah. We’ve all heard or been one of these people to just be head over heels for someone. While that is perfectly fine ,( I ain’t mad at you boo. Love is beautiful). Do you ever stop to think if you’re truly in love or just stupidly in love?

Of course whether you’re in a relationship or a marriage you’re going to face obstacles together. (Who doesn’t right)? Those obstacles that you go through together can make you either stronger together or it can weaken your love. (hopefully stronger).But what exactly is true love? When you can overcome any OUTSIDE obstacles life throws your way as a couple whether that’s your house up for foreclosure or a death in the family, whatever it is from the outside that may affect your marriage or relationship. You can always come out on top together still standing strong through those problems.

Stupid in love is when the person you’re with is GIVING you that obstacle. When someone is cheating on you, beating you, neglecting you, etc and you make that choice to stay then that’s being stupid in love.  ( oh we’ve been together 15 years). But if those 15 years have been nothing but hell, then it really counts for nothing. That’s really unnecessary misery you’re enduring.  You’re only staying because you’re so “in love” with this person who doesn’t seem to feel the same way about you. If the foundation has been weak from the beginning then it don’t really matter how long you’ve been together.  You can be with someone for two days, two months, two years. If that foundation is not strong then so what?

I personally would admire a couple that has been together for six years and has had little to no drama, doing what they need to do to keep their lover happy, and being faithful. I just couldn’t admire a sixty year relationship and she cheated ten times and he had twenty kids with other women somewhere. I don’t care how long you got in, it’s all about what have you been doing since you’ve been in it.  Have you been dedicated the whole time? have you been there for your mate no matter what the situation is?  Have you been kicked out your mansion and been living in a cardboard box under a bridge and still holding each other tight? Do not neglect your relationship/ marriage or the one that’s suppose to have your back. ( Always be team stay together). You got to be able to be each other’s rock and to lean on one another through tough times.

Be TRULY in love. Don’t be stupid in love. When you’re stupid in love you become comfortable and content. You’re scared of starting over. You don’t want to be alone so you just settle. Always choose the option to be happy.

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