My Personal Top 10 Commandments I Live By

  • writing-1209121_960_720I am the company I keep- I just recently found the phrase “birds of a feather flock together” to be true.  I’ve now made the smarter and much wiser decision to watch the company I keep. I only associate now with people that are positive and not looking for a handout.  I will be a lending ear to people around that have problems going on but will not partake in it.  People that always have an issue going on in their life and have negativity surround them is not what I need.
  • To stay healthy and fit- Exercising is a big deal for me. If I don’t work out it affects me in so many different ways. It affects my mood, sleep, my self-esteem, and energy levels 
  • to pamper myself at least twice a month- It’s okay to just relax and be SELFISH about yourself sometimes. So I will go get a massage, get a mani or pedi, or just have a lazy day and watch a marathon of The Path on Hulu. Anything to just self indulge and put myself first every now and again.
  • Always forgive but never forget – Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I’ve learned to forgive others around me for myself and sanity. I sleep peacefully at night knowing that. But I will never be fooled by their actions again. They have shown me a true face so why fall for it again? forgive and keep it pushing.
  • Allow others to act the way they do- My family and friends know me as this bubbly, loves to talk, but a firecracker at the same time. They allow me to behave the way I am and still love and accept me even when it’s in a way they don’t like. I have learned to allow others around me to do the same.  Never try to change how someone is. If you don’t like the way they are, don’t surround yourself with them.
  • Be more present- This has got to be the hardest one for me. I have a huge problem with being on my phone when spending time with family. Friends well, you know how that goes. Everybody is on their phone. But my family??? When my dad wants to spend father-daughter time by watching a sc-fi movie or show I’m pulling out my cell phone. I’m not a big fan of sc-fi movies or shows.
  •  Save more- This would have to be the second hardest. I love to shop. What woman doesn’t right?? I have a walk in closet and kicked my boyfriend out of it. He now has a very small closet but he’s more of an athletic person so he’s mostly in gym shorts all the time. My closet is just full of shoes, bags, and clothes for days. I will get better with my shopping habits thought. I promise.
  • Coffee First- this needs no explanation.
  • Learn to rest sometimes and enjoy life- I’m very much an on the go type of person. I always have to have something to do. It will drive me crazy to stay home all day for two days straight and do nothing. I’m very active. I’m learning now that sometimes rest is good and that it’s okay to be lazy sometimes.
  • Don’t believe what’s in front of you, instead be watchful or mindful- This is a very important one for me. I’m a social butterfly. In the past I use to give everybody the benefit of the doubt. I use to believe the personality of my “friends” that I was given when I should have watched their actions and been mindful of what was really in front of me. Now I learn to observe more and talk less. My trust is earned.



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