When He Gives You His Number Instead Of Asking For Yours……


I was recently having a discussion (more like a debate) with my boyfriend and a couple of our mutual friends.  Our friend Cole was telling us that he gave his number to this woman that he had met at work. (Flag on the play)..Cole is a h**. He gives his number out to everybody like a businessman passing out his card to get a customer. As I say this to him all the time joking with him, but truth to my joke.

(resume). As he was telling us about him and the woman’s conversation, I ask him why didn’t he ask her for her number instead. He then says it was more “convenient”. I disagreed with his statement. If you want something badly in life you will make a way to get it.

So all of us are just sitting in the living room watching TV still debating about this. By this time a couple of my friends happen to come over.  So the topic turns into this big debate. It seems as though the women were on one side and the guys were on the other. (so predictable).  The guys were saying they do it in order to see if a woman really is interested in them. If she calls or texts after receiving his number then she is interested.  If not, then she isn’t.

(Rolls eyes). We debated that a guy should ask for a woman’s number because it shows that he goes after what he wants and isn’t afraid of rejection. It’s just something oh so sexy about a man that knows what he wants and goes out there to get it and if he fails, he brushes it off. He is sure of himself and knows that if he gets rejected, there will be more and better opportunities.

When a man gives a woman his number, then she calls or texts him, the energy changes.  The woman is then taking the lead.  I don’t know about some of the women reading this but….I LOVE a man that can take control and lead sometimes.  By you giving me your number it also shows me that you don’t care if I call or not.

When a guy asks for a woman’s phone number it tells her three things:

  •    You are a go-getter in life and have high self esteem.
  • You’re obviously interested on some level.
  •  You have the ability to take lead sometimes.

The guys wanted to argue that in today’s society that women like to be chased. Not all women like to be chased. Just because I disagreed with their statement doesn’t mean I want a man to chase me, I like to be in control sometimes as well.  For me, it really starts the tone of the relationship. Does this guy have low self esteem? Does he give his number out to anybody? Is he okay with being told no? if so, how does he handle it? It really sets the tone for me on a bunch of different things.

This debate just kept going and going. We never really got a correct answer, because it’s all a matter of opinion. Everyone feels differently about the topic. Some people feel as if there’s nothing to the topic, some feel the way the guy’s felt, and some felt the way I and my friends felt. One thing is for sure…..I know how I feel.

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