I care (fake love)

businessman-saving-earth-falling-cliff-27571042Some people will only care as long as you care, care to help them reach the top while you yourself are trying to get there.

Some people will only care as long as you are helping them get to the top because just the thought of you surpassing them, they can’t bare.

They realize it’s better to be in your circle than out because of the benefits. But as soon as you say “no” to them, watch your friendship start to diminish.

They’ll visit less. Your phone will stop ringing. But they expect you to be so giving? No I’m not tripping, no I’m not kidding. No. I’m not delusional and I’m not a*s kissing.

What do I call those type of people? Leaches, opps, and groupies. They all show fake love with the intention of one thing..Status. They study you but will never graduate so tell them to drop your class sis.

You told me that I didn’t care and that I was selfish for saying “no” out of the thousand times I said yes. I was a great friend to you but because I have boundaries and you can’t respect that, I wasn’t doing my best.

Well the truth is I do care. Alot.  I care more about my health and sanity. I care more about deleting people who bring negativity and attracting more that bring positivity.  I hear the rumors,

I hear the lies being spread. But the ones you are telling it to, are the ones being fed. I won’t feed into the drama. I don’t believe in getting even. Getting even is your karma.


You see, society associates the word selfish in a negative light. We’re disrespectful if we stand our ground and don’t fold. We’re selfish if we put ourselves first after always putting others before us.  But most of the time I have learned that it’s “friends” who put labels on us because they are so use to us being there for them. They envy where you are in life. They become a snake in the grass that’s looking to strike when you have your guard down. Be happy for the good times, but always be grateful for the bad as well. It teaches you a life long lesson. 


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