Love Isn’t A Process Now, It’s A Race…

47214938-finish-line-on-the-racetrack-in-motion-blur-with-stadium-and-spotlights-racing-sport-digital-backgroMarried at first sight, Are you the one?, The Bachelor, baggage show, and many many more shows you see on television today all have one thing in common…(duh right?)  It gives a perception to viewers of what love is or should be. It also gives entertainment. These shows and even apps (tinder)  have one concept in mind…A race. What do I mean? hmmmm let’s see. 

The world does not date anymore. (well some of us still do).  I miss the days where we met someone with the intent of actually being with them and taking your time to meet someone.  Coffee dates (which I absolutely can not pass up, your girl loves her coffee), movies, dinner, etc.  Just taking your time to really understand what you want and not just going for the next best thing.

Society has made it to now where we’re lazy and we want something quick and easy.  Dating should not be like shopping. Think of dating like purchasing a house or a car. It’s a big investment right? Think about your life like that. You want to really take your time and do your research to see whether this is the right house or car for you.  People get into relationships in a short time frame and then wonder why it didn’t work out later. Take kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries or Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.  ( which I just love kim K and Mariah ). Neither marriage lasted long after a very short time frame together.

You don’t know enough about each other to be able to consider a relationship or marriage. You really end up finding out flaws about your mate that you cannot deal with later on instead of taking your time to find out if this is something you want and can absolutely deal with.  It’s almost like buyer’s remorse. You buy something, take it home and then two days later return it because you no longer want it for whatever the reason is.  In reality, if you don’t like something in the store, leave it there.

Dating shows puts a spin on what could possibly be real and fake. People get an idea of what “goals” are by just watching these shows and they crave that. It’s addicting to them until they think they’ve found that by these apps and it isn’t the case. ( well duh). To be clear I’m not in no way against online dating or dating shows. I just think you should just be very well aware of what you want in a person and make dating a process and not a race because you’re in love with being in love.

I don’t know about y’all, but I wouldn’t want to be with someone and I have to compete for their love. No. ( but that’s a post for another day). Don’t try to be on the fast track or the easy way out to finding “love”. Otherwise, you might find yourself about to crash into the wall because you didn’t take your time on this track. Don’t make it a race, make it a journey….a process.

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