Don’t Buy A Ticket For A Roller coaster Ride

love_roller_coaster_web1We all love going to the amusement park getting on rides, specifically roller coasters. ( the bigger and scarier, the better for me. I just love them).  You love the motion of going up and down then being thrown for a curve or loop, it’s a very exciting feeling. But when you experience this same feeling with your mate, there’s a problem and I’d advise you to not buy a ticket for this ride…..

If you are dating someone that runs hot and then cold, up and then down, you will always be at his mercy and you will begin to question yourself. You have to look in the mirror and realize that’s it’s not you, it’s him.  Putting the blame on yourself will do nothing but make you seem desperate.  He’s treating his love like a prize. He dangles his love in front of your face and as soon as you go in to get it, he yanks it away.

When he starts being cold or down, you start to ask yourself ” What did I do to make him pull away”?  “Does he still love me”? etc. You then start to come up with these desperate acts of making him hot for you again. ( girl, just stop. If he don’t realize what he has by now, throw the whole BOY away, take new applications”. ( Yells next). A man know what he wants and will never play games with your heart or head. He will always let you know where you stand at in his life through his actions and you will never have to guess or wonder, you will just know.

You need to understand that you cannot change a man.  A man will only change for who he wants to change for, which in his eyes is someone worth changing for. So stop thinking him running cold or down has something to do with you.  You have to get an understanding of why he is the way he is, then you will see that it’s not you. It’s him.

Guys that run hot and then cold have a good understanding of what they are doing. It’s a form of manipulation.  You can almost bet that you’re not the first woman he’s acted this way with, and you won’t be the last. This is just a part of who he is. This is why he does not see anything wrong with the way he is acting.  Most guys like this are somewhat still immature. They feed off the thought of impressing you until you fall for them, then they pull away soon as they know they got you.

Then there are some guys that “string you along” because he’s not ready for a serious relationship yet.  He may like you but a little unsure if you’re really the one for him. Instead of him making a decision on that, he strings you along and plays games to test you to so he can make that decision.  He becomes indecisive which leads to him being hot and then cold.

The worst and most cruel thing a man can do is a man that pursues you as an ego booster. Then gets a thrill out of watching you suffer off of their intentional inconsistency and behavior towards you.  This makes him feel full and his ego becomes boosted. He knows he can mistreat you and then the next day call you up to hang out whenever he wants.

Changing this man is not in your job description as a woman. It’s up to him to change. If you attempt to do so, it will only bruise your confidence. The best thing to do is to get out your scissors (snip snip snip) and cut this guy out of your life for good. Don’t buy the ticket for this ride. Run far far away and do not look back from this type of guy. When you begin to cut him out of your life, he may start to run hot on you again because he cannot take the person that gave him this thrill to walk out of his life. You have to decide for yourself at the end of the day what’s more important. Your sanity or hopes of changing someone? Think about it but choose wisely…..


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