Storytime:The Time I Got Drunk And Arrested The Night Before Turning 21!

0549f0a8c4d08dc8c7c6c4837722e9d3--a-night-to-remember-fun-giftsSoooooo I’m guessing by the name of the title you guys already know what I’m going to be talking about. I know, i know.”Well,duh Sierra you’re not suppose to be drinking before the age of 21″. Y’all all know you did something rebellious, well in this case, illegal at some point in your life. So don’t judge me. Judge yourselves. Just kidding. But no, for real like don’t judge me.  Let’s get into this story.

So I was a junior in college when I was dating my ex Tevin, whom I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog post. He was my age but his parents were less strict than my parents were. ( Could not stand it at the time but looking back it made me into a better person).  His parents allowed him to smoke weed and drink openly in front of them. ( mind y’all we weren’t even 21 yet. We were twenty.. Okay. Twenty!! My parents did not play that with me. I better not get caught with a bottle or a blunt up to my mouth or my mouth would be in the E.R.

So it was a Thursday night. Me, Tevin, Raven, Simone, Darell, Chris and a couple of other friends decided to hang out the night before my birthday. This was not part of my birthday, it was just hanging out regularly. Tevin being who he is, decided to bring up the idea of everyone drinking and smoking. So because all of us were under the age of 21 at the time we went to the store to get a four loko and a couple of beers. ( beers are so..yuck).

After buying everything we go back to his house ( his parents), which was like off campus housing. All of us are drinking and they’re smoking. I personally don’t smoke. I feel like it ages you quicker. I’m drinking a blue four loco ( I cannot remember the flavor). I’m drinking it but at the same time it’s so disgusting ( ewww) never again will I get that. After awhile I start to feel a little buzzed and it’s kicking in. So we’re all just sitting around talking and I’m laughing hysterically at stuff that’s not even funny. They’re like “are you okay? ” Yea I’m fine.” I reply while laughing with laughing tears coming down my face. I then get up to throw my can away but I’m stumbling while walking. They’re laughing at me. I guess it was entertaining to them….

We hear that there’s a pool party on campus so we go over on campus to this pool party. All of us by then are just in no condition to be out in public for this party. So we arrive at this party and my friend Raven and Simone want to get in the pool. Simone left her phone so she asks her boyfriend, Chris to go back to Tevin’s house to get it. Raven’s boyfriend , Darell went with him along with Tevin. So it was just us girls at the pool party while the guys went to go get her phone.

So the guys get back to the party after going to get Simone’s phone.  I start feeling sick and then Raven is throwing up. We decide to go back to Tevin’s house. On our way walking back to his house I saw a police car stop.  Me and Raven were so paranoid.  So I stopped and acted as if I was just posting up by a sign because I would give myself away from my terrible stumbling.  Me and Raven became so paranoid.The cop gets out of his car then looks at ONLY Tevin and asks’ Have you been drinking tonight”? Tevin goes “no”. The cop then does a series of tests on him. ( palms forehead) . Y’all…..he failed every single test. The cop then tests all of us after him..( Pause) I still had a curfew even though I was in college. I was still living with my parents so I had to follow their rules. At this time I was way past my curfew so I was already nervous as to what my parents are thinking.

The cop then gets to me for testing. I failed all but one test. He ended up taking all of us to jail. ( the fear that went through my body). I didn’t know how I was going to tell my parents I got arrested for public intoxication. On top of that I know they’re beyond pissed at me because I missed my curfew. We go to jail and the only thing I can think about is ( Lord, whyyyyy the night before my 21st birthday)? whyy?

My one phone call I got to make I had to choose wisely. I didn’t want it to be my parents. So I called my aunt, who is also like a sister in a way.  She bonds me out. I tell her the whole thing and made her promise not to mention this to my parents. ( When I tell you I just assume now that if someone in my family does something, the whole family will know soon). My aunt ended up telling my parents what happened,   I don’t think I’ve ever seen my parents so mad at me before. They did not say a word to me for awhile after hearing this big, long lecture from them. They were also worried because it was past my curfew and I was not home when I’m usually good about being home on time. I knew I was wrong so I just sat there and ‘pretended “to listen. All I could think about was this was sure a wonderful way to start off my birthday…A night in jail before my birthday, which meant no fun on birthday. One thing is for sure though, I’ve definitely learned a lesson in that situation

  1.  I’m not my friend’s parents child. Just because they’re parents let them do certain things, doesn’t mean mine will.
  2. Four loko’s are just disgusting.
  3. If you’re going to drink, do not drink in public ( or drive)
  4.  Evreyone has a four loko story.
  5. Don’t fall into peer pressure. Have your own mind.



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