Mentality: The Difference Between A Girl And A Woman (I’m A Grown Woman)

independent-woman-zap(Pause) Before this blog post even gets started, let me start out by saying this….If you are a BOY looking for a WOMAN, you’re only going to attract a GIRL. Why? Well because boys are and only will attract girls. What do I mean by this? (Resumes)

There is a huge difference between a woman and a girl. Both may be grown age wise but there is one huge factor that plays into the difference of whether she is a woman or a girl.

A woman does not and will not ever take disrespect from nobody. A boy says to this girl ” you know in baseball when you have three strikes”? Well you’re on your second one, on you’re third one you’re out.” Total disrespect. A girl would only take comments like this. A woman commands respect and will not tolerate anything less than this. She does not throw temper tantrums or does not play mind games. She responds to the situations when she has became composed. ( silent treatments are games little girls play) A woman will not react in a negative way. You will never have to guess what she is feeling when she is hurt. She expresses her anger verbally, but in a classy way.

A woman focuses on building her own dreams, passions, and strengths. She is content with being her own company. She is picky about who she chooses to associate herself with or get into a relationship with rather than ending up with the wrong person. A girl is scared of being alone. She does not know who she is. She picks quantity over quality.

A woman will never be broke and can be independent. Now when I say will never be broke, I don’t mean she won’t ever have empty pockets. I mean she will have money in her bank account to take care of what needs to be done even if she ends up broke afterwards. An example would be if a woman needed to pay for a car repair on her car. A woman would have that money in her account ( because she knows how to save for a rainy day) to pay for that repair. She may end up broke but she took care of her priorities.  A girl would look to her a man to pay for it or spend her money on materialistic items before her priorities. A woman will have you saving your money instead of spending it on unnecessary things.

A woman knows her self worth.  A girl has confidence by the number of likes on a post, approval or validation by others around her, or her life choices. She can be easily manipulated by the people around her because she does not have a mind of her own and is willing to accept anything and anyone that walks into her life because she lacks confidence or does not have self-love.  A woman feels people out first that come into her life to see if they will be a good fit. She doesn’t just accept anyone. Her time is precious and limited and she does not have time for the games nor drama.

A woman has a little mystery to her life.  She does not share everything about her life to unworthy people or on social media for attention.  A girl is ready to post a social media status about her life and/ or gossip about the latest rumor. When everyone knows your business, it leaves not room for curiosity in your life ( a little mystery is sexy, keep them guessing boo *snaps*).  So stay private about your life.

A woman know that whatever she puts into her life in any aspect is what she is going to get out of it. A girl feels entitled to everything. ” He should be getting me a ring right now”. But are you being the type of woman that is deserving a ring? If you want a MAN, you first have to be a WOMAN.

A woman has standards. A woman has awareness about herself and knows what she needs in her life to be her best self. A girl has expectations. She falls in love with potential rather than substance. She sees appearance before she sees personality. A woman will not care how good a man looks  if he does not fit her standards the whole application is in the trash  ( unless he is The Rock,I have to make an exception lol) and another one interview will be lined up right after him.

You cannot complain about always attracting bad quality people in your life if you are not willing to change for the better either. When you think, or act young minded, that is going to be what you attract. If you are older but attract young people or young-minded people, it’s probably because you are young- minded. Don’t be a 15- year old girl (or boy) in a 25- year old body. That 15- year old will soon become intimidated by a woman or man ready to fill the shoes you couldn’t to someone else.

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