Side Chicks Being Put On A Pedestal

giphyI just have one question to ask you? When has it ever been good to be a side chick?? ( go ahead and think, I’ll wait). Women use to be “undercover h*es”, now this generation that I was raised with are just some of the most proudest side chicks ever. What do you really get out of being that? 

You hear or watch situations like this all the time. Whether it’s social media ( cause yes girl, we all love the shade room) television, or just maybe in your life whether it’s dealing with you friends or even family. Women really wear this “badge of honor” of being proud to be a side chick. it’s happening frequently now with Instagram models exposing men they were being a side chick to. Carmelo Anthony and Lala, T.I and Tiny, Tristan and Khloe. This is just now starting to become a trend.

There’s the side chick that thinks or believes the man will leave his lady for her. There’s the side chick that has the mentality of ” as long as you come home to me I don’t care what you do”. There’s the side chick that will stay quiet for a little money for a short time frame. Overall though which ever way you flip it, there all still side chicks.

( Don’t get me wrong, I love my share of love and hip hop Atlanta) and other shows. I just don’t understand when watching shows like this why some women are proud and have no shame on sharing a man with another woman. The ultimate goal in life,in the aspect of your relationships is not to have a piece of a man, but a whole man.  To the women  or young ladies that are single by choice and working on your goals and aspirations, don’t ever let someone tell you that you’re not shit because you don’t have a man. Society has made it to where if you have a master’s degree and have a well-paying career, have your own house and car, you not shit unless you have a man.  This way of thinking is not pushed onto men but women have this

Be with a man who is willing to put you number one. Someone that will acknowledge you in public. Side chicks have no goals other than to gain attention, money, or fame. They can’t even snap a picture or acknowledge  or tag their “so called man” on social media because why? *ding ding ding* she’s the side chick. Side chicks get ignored until their purpose is needed.  Once it’s fulfilled, you’re back on do not disturb.

Women find it hilarious to knowingly hurt another woman by becoming her man’s side chick. But when the dust settles guess what? you’ll never him but if you happen to, please know that another woman will play the role to him that you once did.  There are also women that are proud on being main chicks. I never got that to be honest. Being the main chick is just as bad as being the side chick. You’re just number one in his life.I don’t know about you but I will never play number one or two in my man’s life. I will and I am his only one.

Women have to be more selective on who you let into your life. When a man is stringing two women along, that’s the easiest way to stir up drama and then divide women.  You see it on television. Women fighting women over a lie that the MAN both told y’all.  Stop fighting each other like the man is the prize. No. You are. Love yourself enough to be like ” I’m not about to fight over a 9-5 when I can go find me a career that will last me a lifetime”. Meanwhile the man is sitting back enjoying you fight over him. He feels like the man. No man or woman is ever worth fighting over.  If you have to fight over them, they don’t really want you anyways because if they did, they would’ve made it know.

Then the side chicks have the friends that encourage their behavior. See, if you associate with someone who encourages side chick behavior, run far away as possible while holding your man. If your friend is down with the cause then she will eventually try your man too. Don’t think just because she’s your “friend” she wont. Friends back stab friends every day. If she starts dressing provocative around your man…watch her.

Side chicks have no morals and they do not play fair. They feel like they don’t owe their loyalty to nobody. So many young girls or ladies watch these shows and social media and think that it’s cute to be a side chick. ” oh I’ll take her man”. It’s all fun and games until it happens to them. Stop putting side chicks on a pedestal when they don’t deserve it. Side chicks now are being glorified. They receive money, cars, houses, some become known because of fame, receive their own t.v show. They are being given a platform to speak on. Men love to dog them out but their the ones giving them this platform to speak out. If men did not glorify side chicks, then a side chicks’ main objectives can’t be made. Be a queen.



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