Rant: I’m A B*tch?!!!? You’re A Bug A Boo

the-truth-about-why-women-are-stuck-upOkay y’all I have to rant in this blog post. Today I had the most irritating thing happen today. As I was at the mall buying my mom something for mother’s day, I got stopped by a guy. He stopped me and said ” hey how are you doing”? I spoke and said “hey”. After I spoke I kept it moving. As I kept walking, he kept following me trying to hold a conversation. I’m in a relationship. A very happy relationship and I’m 100% faithful to my baby. So while the guy kept trying to hold a conversation with me, I kept going on about my business like I didn’t hear him at all. He eventually got the picture but mumbled the words “bi**h”under his breath. Like what?

For my fellas out there that think some females have bit**y attitudes when you try to speak to them or think they’re too good for you first think about this: Maybe it’s how you approach this woman or maybe there isn’t a mutual attraction. So just because a woman does not give you the time of day does not mean she’s being stuck up. Some women I agree have their nose in the air and act so stuck up to the point they won’t even say hey back.

No woman likes being harassed by anybody. Learn to keep it hey. when this guy approached he obviously had some attraction towards me but the feeling was not mutual towards him. Of course he did get a crappy attitude out of me at the mall today because I spoke to him being polite, but don’t go beyond that.Don’t ask me “what’s your name”? ” Can I get your number”? ” Can I take you out”? No, no no. I did the mannerable thing as to when someone speaks to you, to speak back. That is my obligation.  After speaking, I don’t owe him anything. Saying hey is my obligation as a human being with manners.

If a woman is mutually attracted to you then you go out your way to speak to her by asking her what her name is and things of that sort. You then my get her time. But a woman that is not interested in you, does not owe you a full conversation. Most women I feel would agree with me and would do that. So its’ not that some women are being a b***h, it’s just that we’re not interested and not trying to give you the wrong sign. So if she is not responding to you after saying ” hey”, just keep it walking. She’s not interested. Just accept it and keep it moving. Everyone is not going to give you what you want.  I’ll give a hey and goodbye.I’m not going to give you my number and then be like, “yes, when can definitely go out”. ” I live across town”. ” I like you”. No, because I don’t feel the same way about you.

So be aware when you’re talking to women with “b****y attitudes”. She gave you the “hey” “goodbye” and then kept it moving so she’s not being a b***h because she spoke. You just kept pushing and trying to pursue her so now she’s a b***h because she’s not giving you her time beyond that or giving you what you want???  Don’t do all the ” Oh, I didn’t want to talk to you anyways b***h”. Like what? What more do you want from me? My social security number, my credit score, what? Please know the difference between a b***h and then someone that just isn’t interested. At least acknowledge the ladies that speak to you. Now the women that don’t speak….umm I don’t know about. It’s called just having manners and acknowledging your presence. Don’t be thirsty.

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