Storytime: My Guy Best Friend’s Crazy Girlfriend

B3Nc3UBIUAE3Eo7Okay y’all let’s go ahead and get into this storytime blog! 

So I have a guy best friend named Trell. Me and Trell have been friends for almost nine years. I also have a friend named Shontae ( which I’ve talked about in a previous blog, so if you haven’t go check that out,…/the-voicemail-i-will-never-forgett).She’s now deceased. All three of us use to hang together. Like we were almost like the three musketeers.  Me and Shontae always use to tease Trell because he was never the type to want to settle down. Trell was thirty when this specific incident happened. Me and Shontae had boyfriends at this time.  Trell was a truck driver so he was always on the road so we barely saw him, but when we did we was always hanging out.

One day Trell had the entire week off from work. (okay pause). Y’all…when this dude has the entire week off from work he does not answer his phone for ANYBODY. When I say anybody, i mean anybody. He does not leave his house and does not answer the door for anybody when he’s off. (resume). Me and Shontae were like Bonnie and Clyde. We completely ignored the fact that Trell didn’t want to be bothered and we still went to his house to bother him. We get to his house. He does not answer the door. We look in his backyard. He has parked his car in the backyard so nobody knows he’s home. Shontae crazy self goes to the side of his house and knocks on his window. He looks out his window ans sees Shontae standing there. He rolls his eyes and let us in. We stayed giving Trell hell together.

We come inside his house and we’re just watching t.v and talking. We’re all catching up with each other because I mean, he was M.I.A for a whole week. Trell then informs us that he is in a relationship. I thought it was going to rain outside. Me and Shontae look at each other laughing because we’re not believing him at all. Trell jumps from female to female. He cheats and sometimes doesn’t know what he wants in a female. So we didn’t take him serious until his phone rung and his “girlfriend “called. She calls to just talk and then to let him know that she’ll be in town the next day.

Me and Shontae just like go crazy. Like ” when are we going to meet her”? “What does she look like”? asking a bunch of questions. Trell is already starting to give us the look like “Y’all please behave”. I always behaved. Shontae on the other hand (scratches head and looks down) never did. I just always had to stick close by her to make sure she doesn’t get too out of hand of the things she did.

The next day me and Shontae go to the mall. After leaving the mall we decide to go over to Trell’s house. We forgot all about Trell’s girlfriend being there until we saw an unknown car in his driveway. We’re like “oh, well we’re already here now”. So we knock on the door. Trell looks and then opens it. We come inside and he introduces us to his girlfriend Jasmine.

We’re talking and we get to know Jasmine a little bit more. We then, get a better sense of who she is. She seemed okay. She got our stamp of approval for dating our friend. We then just talk for a while and then we decide to let Trell and Jasmine have their alone time so we left.

The very next day instead of just showing up to Trell’s house, we call. We ask him did he want to get lunch together. He said he was tired and didn’t want to go out. We understood so me and Shontae just ended up going to lunch. The day after that we call and he’s not picking up. He usually picks up and is a light sleeper so we were wondering why he wasn’t picking up.  We make our way over to his house. We knock on the door. Nobody answers. So we go around to his window and we hear them having sex! ( so awkward). Trell answers the door with the most tired but aggravating look on his face. He lets us in.

Jasmine is nowhere to be found. She’s still in his bedroom. All three of us are talking. We ask him where has he been for the past few days. He just looked so tired. He then tells us he just hasn’t been feeling like leaving the house because he’s been tired ans sleepy. We ask him if he was up to hang out later since he’ll soon be  on the road again. Before he can answer, Jasmine comes out the room and asks if he wanted some breakfast. He says yes so she cooks him some breakfast. So while she’s in the kitchen cooking, we’re just in the living room chatting with him.

Jasmine comes in and checks in every now and again. She appears this time like she did not want us there. We honestly didn’t care because Trell’s our friend and if he didn’t have a problem with us being there, then it didn’t matter.  Jasmine then comes in with a big plate of bacon, eggs, grits, sausage, waffles, with orange juice on the side. She then fixes her plate and then goes into their bedroom and closes the door.(umm okay rude). We’re chatting while Trell is eating. Jasmine later on comes out and fixes him another plate. This is why he never feels like hanging out with us: because Jasmine is getting him full and on purpose.  So Trell gets the second plate but he didn’t finish. Jasmine comes back and notices that he didn’t finish it. She asks why didn’t he finish it. He said because he just wasn’t hungry.

Jasmine flips out because she made a big breakfast and a lot was still left over. Trell asks us if we wanted some. We said yes so we went and made us a plate. Jasmine doesn’t say anything but her look said everything. She did not like this. While Shontae and I were in the kitchen, Jasmine and Trell were in the living room having a conversation. We gave them that privacy so we didn’t come back in the room until they were finished. While waiting Shontae goes and uses the bathroom.  She then finds a pregnancy test wrapped up in tissue paper at the bottom of Trell’s trashcan. ( don’t ask why was she looking in his trashcan). I don’t even know. She then comes back in the kitchen and tells me what she saw. The test was negative by the way. I’m shocked but didn’t say anything.

They got done with their conversation so we went back into the living room. Jasmine walks past us back into the bedroom. While walking past us she mumbles something under her breath. Shontae goes “did you say something”? Jasmine says no and keeps on walking. Me and Shontae sit down and ask Trell what’s up with Jasmine? He tells us that Jasmine had a problem with us being there but he didn’t because he was trying to balance his time with his girlfriend and then his friends before he goes back to work. Jasmine wanted all his time. She did not want him having company. Shontae then informs Trell about the pregnancy test she found.

Trell had a confused but shocked look om his face. He gets up and then goes to the bathroom and looks in the trashcan and there’s a pregnancy test. He then knocks on the door to talk to Jasmine about it. I’m already starting to feel like ( oh, sh*t it’s time for me to leave). Trell closes the door so him and Jasmine could talk. I hear yelling and then Trell comes out angry. Jasmine follows behind him with this evil look on her face staring at both me and Shontae.

Words were not said until Shontae said ” these waffles taste funny”.(shots fired). Jasmine turns around and says ” maybe you could leave and go to IHOP” .  “You’re right their’s taste better”. Shontae says. I’m pinching her arm trying to get her to shit up. Trell then calms the both of them down. and then everyone for a while is not saying anything just watching t.v .

Jasmine then asks Trell what did he want for dinner. He said he wasn’t sure so he was going to take all of us out for a chance for all us to get along, especially if Jasmine is going to be in his life. Jasmine goes off…She starts slamming stuff saying ” You always have company over. I’m your guest. I don’t want anyone here but me but you have these bi**hes over here”? I usually keep my composure, and because Trell is my friend I tried to do that. But I will never be disrespected. Shontae then goes ” looks like someone is mad”. Being sarcastic. I’m just about to leave before it gets real at his house.

Trell informs us not to leave. He then tells Jasmine not to disrespect us and that we’re his friends and we were in his life before she was and that it meant alot for all of us to get along.  He then said he wouldn’t be eating her dinner because he knew that the only reason she loved cooking for him is that he would get full and he wouldn’t want to leave the house to hang out with anyone but her. She also use to put crushed up sleeping pills in his orange juice. This is why he could never hang out with me and Shontae. Jasmine did not like this at all.

She ended up breaking up with Trell and got upset when he didn’t care about it. But Jasmine was so crazy. If me and Shontae would come over some days, she would answer the door and say that he was sleep and she would let him know that we came by. We would text him to let him know we came over and she would delete the text out of his phone. So Trell would never know. Like how insecure could you be? Both me and Shontae had a boyfriend and we don’t look at Trell like that. She didn’t even want his own brother coming over if she was there.

To be honest, I’m glad Jasmine ended it. If she didn’t, Trell would have. She wanted to keep him in the house, tried to get pregnant by him, then did not want company over. Hopefully, she isn’t somewhere giving someone else any problems. Trell is now in a relationship with someone else who makes him happy and less stressed. I’m happy for him and I know Shontae would be too.


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