Putting Love On The Back Burner for….(Love Is Interrupting My Life)

standbyHello Lovely People! Y’all…Why am I up at 4:00 am? I’m wide awake and cannot go to sleep. I really have to get my sleep pattern back on track. I really don’t like this. But anyways enough of rambling.

I hear some people sometime say that they’re not getting into relationships right now with good potential people because they’re either going to school, they’re trying to get a promotion at their job, or in general trying to reach a certain point in their life before they take someone serious. In my opinion, I don’t really see the point in putting a relationship off because of financial, educational, or living reasons.  I really do understand if you had/ have some mental issues that you have to deal with that will be an asset or liability to the relationship. That’s completely understandable. I wouldn’t want to deal with someone who’s messed up in the head either.

Now if you’re not looking to get into a relationship because you’re going to school, you haven’t got that promotion yet, etc. I would say it’s not really necessary to just put love on the back burner for that. If you really think about, relationships and marriages are about give and take. It’s all about making sacrifices for one another. So if you can find someone who doesn’t disrupt what you have going on in your life. They fit in just perfect. As I’ve stated in a previous blog Get Rid Of That Dead Weight , you need people or someone around you that will lift you up and help you get to that next level in life. So if you have someone who is helping you study for a test or giving you time to study, someone that makes sure you get to work on time to get that promotion, or just making you lunch to make sure your life is less stressful when getting ready for work or school, then that’s the type of person you need in your life. You don’t want to deny such a wonderful person that is an asset to your life and let someone else come along and get them because you’re too blind or stubborn thinking ” Oh, I can’t be with someone right now.”Firstly, there’s sometimes going to be problems. ” Oh, I can’t study because he’s calling me every day trying to figure out where I’m at because he thinks I’m cheating or he’s cheating.” That type of person is the person you don’t want because they’re disrupting your life and you don’t need that. But just because you have other obligations or aspirations in your life to fulfill does not mean you can’t be in a relationship. If you find that one person that blends into your life just right and encourages, pushes, and does not hinder your success then what’s wrong with that?

Everybody needs a cheerleader or motivational speaker int heir life. So if there is someone who takes an interest in you and is willing to be that cheerleader while you’re trying to get your life together then what’s the problem? What really motivated me to do this post is a guy friend I was talking to that feels he can’t date right now because he has other stuff in life he wants to accomplish so he does not have time. You’re not suppose to make time. A relationship is just supposed to flow. This person is supposed to get in where they fit in. ” Oh, you’re studying, let me come over and help you study.” ” You haven’t eaten all day because you’ve been busy with work, let me make you some lunch.” So always having someone that makes your life just a tad bit easier isn’t a bad thing at all.

If my friend can find someone who can stay out of his way but still provide some type of asset to his life then that would very great. Get someone that can stay out the way of what you have going on but is willing to take on the load that you can’t. Someone that will make you feel better when you become stressed or bogged down. So always be open to people who are willing to be that cheerleader. Someone that’s going to be down for the cause. You need a number one fan. So when you reach where you want to be in life, you and your mate can look back and be like ” wow, we made it through this.” Someone that is willing to still be there while you’re struggling is someone that deserves the whole world so don’t sleep on your opportunity with Mr./Mrs. Right.

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