Just Be Patient With Us

imagesOkay you guys so this isn’t really a blog post. It’s more of me just rambling.

So today I was at the mall. I’m shopping. But of course when I shop, I take all day. Like it was 3pm when we got to the mall and we left around 7pm. My boyfriend  did not want to come with me at all. I bribed him into coming as always I had to buy him a pretzel to keep him occupied. y’all I’m going to Forever 21, I’m looking around to find something that I like. I can’t find anything. So I walk over to H&M. I can’t find anything there. I go into Bath and Body works. I buy this one spray that I just absolutely love. My all time favorite ” A thousand wishes”. I then walk into Macy’s, I purchase the Beyonce “heat” , the red and orange bottle. The red smells so good to me. My boyfriend is already giving me the side eye like he’s ready to go.  I ignore that look all the time.

So I go back to Forever 21. My boyfriend is like ” didn’t you just come out of this store”?  I said “yes, an hour ago”. He shakes his head and starts to just get on his phone. I’m looking around for the millionth time. I see clothes that’s okay but I don’t like enough to buy. I grab them anyways and try them on. I end up putting all of them back except this cute little romper.

By this time it’s already like 6pm. “we spend three hours in the mall and all you got was a spray and a shirt”? Okay. And?? I’m a woman, I’m allowed to take my time shopping. He tells me not to play the woman card. It’s not a card, it’s the truth. So before we leave I decide to go to Starbucks, which I love. Guess what? He does not complain one bit then. He’s not a big coffee drinker like I am. He drinks mostly frappes. So I buy him a frappe to make up for the time at the mall. We sit down and we’re just talking.  One of my friends walks up and we begin talking. He’s okay for awhile because he has his frappe and his phone. After he drinks his frappe, he starts complaining. (So ungrateful). I guess I was talking too long. But I bought him a pretzel and a frappe so he was just going to have to deal with me talking.

So we get home and he’s catching up on the flash. I’m wanting to talk and be all under him. Oh, he just ignores me and says that he’s watching flash. He leaves for a quick second to get a bite to eat. He asks me do I want something. I said no. He comes back with Buffalo Wild Wings. I said that I wanted some. He makes the most funniest face ever. He goes ” I know you heard me ask you did you want something”.” Yes but at the time I wasn’t hungry but I’m hungry now. ” He gives me some of his food then we end up going back out to get me something.

Okay, so now that he’s done watching flash, I got my blanket and cuddled under him. I start just messing with him. Just kissing his face and tickling him. Being annoying as I just love to be with him.  He starts laughing saying that I’m a thorn in his side. Now here’s the problem with us: I don’t naturally have enrgy. I run off of coffee. He naturally has energy but just dosen’t show it. So when I have coffee, I’m bouncing off the walls annoying him half the death.  He’s more of a mellow type of person. He goes with the flow.  I can’t stand that. I love it at times if I want to do something and he dosen’t care because he’s very chill. I don’t like it if I’m at a decision making point about something and asks for his advice. He’ll be looking at me like a deer in the headlights and be like ” they both look good to me”. Like dang, I like the fact that he’s easy going but not all the time.  ( most of the time if he does give me an anser on which decision to go with, I’ll end up picking the opposite).

Look to you fellas out there. Women are allowed to take awhile when shopping. You want us to look good for you but want us to rush. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Ladies you sometimes have to bribe your man into coming. You know, give him an incentive. I’m that annoying girlfriend and friend in general. I love aggravating people in my life (jokingly). I”m really a bubbly, down to earth type of person.  So he’s just going to have to deal with me,or else I’ll just go back to shopping by myself and hiding my bags in the trunk of my car and bringing them in when he leaves the house. (oops). Hope he’s not reading this.



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