Storytime: My Messy Former Co-Worker

maxresdefaultI just love posting storytimes. I really reminisce on these times that I post about, so it just takes me back. Let’s get into this story-time shall we? Go and grab you some popcorn because this one is just…..well. You can be the judge of that.

So I use to work at this huge department store ( will not say the name). There was nothing but females working there. We pretty much all got along. My first day was the grand opening of the store so it was hella busy for my first day.

There were like two days before the grand opening,so I guess that would kind of count as my first day. Two days before the grand opening, we were all just getting to know each other and train in different positions in the store. The main characters in this story are Beverly, which is my manager. Rosa, Ebony, Jerrica, which are my co-workers, then myself.

It’s grand opening day. There’s so many people in the store. It was hectic that day y’all. Thank God I was not on the cash register that day. Anyone that has ever been a cashier can tell you how crazy work is when you have a long line and the line doesn’t seem to go down.  That day I was just on the floor helping people if they needed it. Of course we were all given walkie talkies.

Jerrica and probably three others were on the cash register of opening day. In Jerica’s line there was this woman that bought a bunch of items, but as Jerrica kept ringing up the total, the woman decided she didn’t want more and more items. So Jerrica would put the items on the recovery cart to run at the end of the night.

Rosa is friends with this woman in the story.  Rosa uses her discount to help the woman out on her total. (pause) . We had a 20% discount but we could only use it for ourselves and immediate family members. (resume). Jerrica reads the woman her total and then this woman pays for it after the discount was added. Later that night at closing, we were busy recovering the store. Beverly notices that the cash register is short by $300.

She closes down the store after recovery. But we weren’t allowed to leave yet. She takes us to the back one by one and is asking us did we know anything about the money being gone. When she asked me I said I didn’t know.  She and the district manager of the store did a thorough investigation. It came out to be Rosa. Now, Rosa is this person you would love to work with. She’s crazy, sweet, and just really a down to earth person. When Rosa was confronted, Rosa flipped out. She threw her punch that she brought for work that day all over the clothes, she cursed out Beverly and the district manager, she even broke the glass on the way being escorted out the store.

The next day we did not see Rosa because of course she got fired ( and most likely sued). Ebony got trained on the cash register, taking the spot of Rosa. We had this gorgeous, sexy, fine security guard. His name is Cedric . I mean he looked like a whole snack. He worked out all the time and is actually so funny. He gets along with everyone is a ladies man.

A week after that incident happened., we had another one. The same woman from before came into the store. That particular night I was working the fitting room. This same woman comes in and out of the fitting room. Just trying on stuff. Which was fine. At the end of the night, we closed down the store before recovery. I checked the fitting rooms and everything and then I went to push the clothes from the fitting room back onto the floor. While we were doing recovery, we noticed a woman coming from the back with nothing on but a bathing suit. She asks Cedric if it looked good on her (thirsty). (makes blank face) knowing Cedric he would have said yes, but him being professional he had to handle the situation. Cedric completely ignored her and asked her to put her clothes on and leave the store. This woman had a black bikini set. Cut outs were on the side of the bikini underwear and she had too much a** and breast to be wearing that. But she wanted his attention (bad attention) .

We tried to get the woman out of the store but she was not having it at all. She kept going back trying on stuff modeling for him half naked. When we told her we were going to call the police, she comes out naked just running through the store. I’m thinking like are you trying to get his attention? cause if so, he now only sees you as a “thot” and not someone he would actually want.

We finally get her out of the store before we had to call the police. We honestly didn’t know where she was hiding at. All fitting rooms were checked so we still didn’t know. But the next day a woman comes into the store looking to apply. Ebony and Jerrica are on the Cash Register and I’m doing the fitting room. I was back up just in case the line at the register gets too long.

The woman walks into the store and she asks if she could talk to the manager. Ebony reaches Beverley on the walkie talkie. Beverly comes to the front and she talks to the young woman that wants to apply. Beverly told her to come back in next week and they could set up an interview. So then the woman leaves the store. ( I knew nothing about Beverly and the young woman’s conversation).  I just knew she was looking to apply.

A few weeks go by and my co-workers were talking in the break room about this same young woman that wanted to apply. They said that she had a problem with Beverly.  They just didn’t know why. I’m not one to get into people’s business so I just left it alone. A couple days after this I was doing the fitting room. The phone rung so I answered it. It was the young woman that wanted to apply. She asks me if Beverly was in. I said yes and I informed Beverly that this woman was calling for her.  She told me to take a message so I did. This woman told me to tell Beverly that she will be coming into the store the next day to see her face to face.  She sounded very pissed off. I did not know why. So I said okay and I hung up. I informed Beverly of what the young woman said. She looked like she was busy at the time so I’m assuming she wasn’t really listening to the message I was giving her but whatever, I did my job.

The next day comes and I’m on the cash register along with Ebony and Jerrica. The woman that wanted to apply walks into the store looking for Beverly. She’s making this huge scene. Everyone is looking at her. She walks up to Ebony and goes ” are you the one I talked to yesterday on the phone”? I chime in and say ” no m’am it was me”. She said “did you give Beverly my message”? ” Yes I did”. “Well I need you to call her to the front right now”. I’m still confused, but I tell her that Beverly was not there that day. She gets so furious and starts knocking over clothes racks and cussing me and everyone else out.

Now, by this time I’m starting to become nosy. Like, why is she so mad? and looking for Beverly. So the next day comes. This same woman comes into the store. Beverly was there, but I don’t thinks she was expecting the woman to show up that day. The woman walks up to me and she says that she wants to speak to Beverly. I kindly call for her on the walkie talkie. She at first acted like she did not hear me. Then she says ” You handle the situation”. ( pause) . Ummmm isn’t Beverly the manager? I understand some conflict you shouldn’t always bother the manager, but when the woman was asking for her??? (resume). I informed the woman that I called for her and that she would be out soon.

Ebony walks into the store, just about to start her shift. She sees the woman. The woman is clearly upset. she smirks at all of us and goes to the back to put her stuff up. She then comes from the back with Beverly. Beverly had the most shocked or scared look on her face. The woman is cussing her out and Beverly is just standing there nodding her head. It turns out that the woman lived three hours away from the store and was told she had an interview, but every time she showed up to the store, Beverly kept flamming on her. It suddenly made sense. This woman was mad because she was promised an interview, was told to show up to the store, then got flammed on. Shoot. I would be mad too. Especially if I lived three hours away. No, We’re going to have an interview today.

We later on found out that this woman that was looking for Beverly was the daughter of the other woman that was running through the store. The lady that was running through the store, wanted her daughter to work there so she could get a discount. She also asked Rosa to steal money from her out of the cash register. The woman never ended up getting an interview because of her behavior of course.

I personally loved working at that store only because of my co-workers. They really made work fun.We would all be on the walkie talkie talking to each other and customers would think we were talking to ourselves. There was always something happening that was crazy. I just did not like how management was ran. If you’re going to be a manager, please learn how to handle confrontation.




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