Don’t Get Amnesia (closing)

images (1)You’ve spent all morning running errands. You’ve dropped the kids off to school, you’re going grocery shopping for the house, you’re  on your way to make your friend’s graduation, you’re trying to please your boss so you stay up late putting in countless hours of work to show him that he can count on you, But not so very often you forget about one person…YOU!

So many times in life we tend to want to prove ourselves to others. Sometimes proving ourselves to others gets in the way of our sanity. IF the deed outweighs your sanity then nine times out of ten it’s not really worth it. Why? because for someone who already sees your worth, they would never allow your sanity to be compromised. Example: You go for an interview at this job. You have this unique resume that just stands out from the rest of the candidates. You’re potential boss already sees you as valuable. But you have to know that yourself before you walk into that office for the interview. You also have to act as such.

Do not try to please others without first taking the time to please yourself. Take care of you. Be Selfish ( but with class of course) . Self care and love is very important to maintain your confidence, beauty, and just your sanity in general. When you feel good on the inside, it will reflect in your relationships with others on the outside. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being there for others, just make sure that it doesn’t outweigh your happiness. If you’ve been dying to get that massage, go get it. Been wanting to have some quiet time with no interruptions? Be clear and firm with others that you want that time to yourself and then go for it.  When you’re happy and sane, you will not have resentment toward always being there for everybody, because you’re also there for yourself.  Create standards and guidelines and stand by them. If you don’t, nobody will take you seriously. They may say things to try and get you down for not being there for them, but that’s only because you’re always use to being there for them, now you’re suddenly putting yourself first.

I will be taking a much needed break from blogging. I love putting out content and just being a voice of many to help others who go through particular types of situations such as love and life in general. The reason I named my blog ” Selfishly Sierra” is because it’s okay to be selfish about yourself and to have self love and care, but it’s how you’re being selfish that matters.  Always evaluate yourself, set standards, surround yourself with positive people who have the same vision as yourself.  Do not accept anything less in life or from anyone that makes you feel less than what you are. As I am taking my own advice right now. I will be taking a break as I stated earlier. I will be back in July. I will continue to do story time blog posts every Friday. So stay tuned or follow this blog to get the notification for that.   It’s been a very fun and exciting journey with blogging and only getting better. Remember stay selfish ( but with class) or live a life of resentment. The choice is always yours. Choose wisely.

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