Storytime: Why You Should Never Room With Your Friends

336c167d788805c4b35510d362d7949bThis was just a total disaster, a hot mess, house of terror type of ish….Let me fill you in. 

Just a little background information before I get into the story. December of 2016 my current boyfriend and I broke up (over something so silly). I moved out and got my own place. My ex friend lived at home with her mom and had no means of transportation to go see her boyfriend. Her boyfriend had a car but did not come see her often because he lived on the other side of town ( no excuse). So instead of me paying the whole rent by myself, me and her came up with the idea that we would room together.  The original plan was just me and her, it did not end up that way. Her boyfriend moved in with us as well as his friend. The characters in this story is Shae who is my ex friend, Kevin which is her boyfriend, and Calvin, which is Kevin’s friend. Shae is 25. Kevin and Calvin are 19. Now, Let’s get into the story.

So because me and Shae talked about moving in together. We both put down half of the deposit for the apartment prior to getting it. The apartment was in my name, but I didn’t make it seem like it was my apartment. We’re buying furniture and everything. Getting the place ready. Move in day the landlord required that we have the last half of the deposit. I had my half but Shae did not have hers. I stated that we could just wait to move in until she has her half. She insisted we move in that day because she wanted to move out her mom’s house and be with Kevin.She then tells me that Kevin is moving in ( Flag on the play… What??)  She asks me to ask Kevin if he could pay for her half. I didn’t know why she wanted me to ask her OWN BOYFRIEND, but whatever. I asked and he helped.  We made the money order and then received the keys to the place.

The first day we’re moving our stuff into the apartment. Calvin is just standing around like ” wow, I wish I had my own place” and ” I like this place”. I had no clue he was moving in too until I woke up the next morning and he is sleeping on the couch….(record scratch). What? Yes, He. Was. Sleeping. On. The. Couch. ….Strike one.  Who told him he was moving in? I said to Shae. She snapped at me saying ” Don’t act like that. He can live here”.  Hmmm okay.

I was taken aback by the fact that her boyfriend was moving in, but I was okay with it, because that’s her boyfriend, but his friend too???…NO. This living situation went down hill real fast.

The first week Kevin invited his friends over and they all were smoking weed and playing the game, being loud, and really acted as if they never had a place before. Running up and down the stairs. I worked a 12 hour night shift, so I needed my rest especially in the day time. The morning would come, they would be blasting music and being loud also in the morning. Strike two.  The apartment was not a trap house and I don’t like any and everyone knowing where I live.

I talked to Shae about it. I told her to communicate with her boyfriend that everyone needed to be considerate of everyone. With that comes being quiet when I was just coming in from working the night shift. Shae said she would talk to him. But the issue continued to go on.  So then we all had a meeting and we came to an agreement that everyone would be considerate. Okay cool.  ( not cool)

One night on my off day, I’m sleeping or at least attempting to. ( my room is next to the living room). I hear music up loud and this is probably around 2 a.m. The front door is slamming. People are going in and out. I’m smelling weed coming from the living room. I’m beyond agitated with Shae. She was partaking in some of these events.

Me and Shae had a one on one conversation. I explained to her that if this continued I would kick all of them out. So she could either talk to her boyfriend and his friends or everyone could be out. I really expected more from her. At the time she had a two month old infant. She shouldn’t have her baby exposed to any of that stuff.  She then gets the picture and for a little while things are going good.

I wake up one morning and I hear my coffee pot brewing..Anyone that knows me, knows you CANNOT touch my coffee. Kevin is making coffee. Ummm who told you touch my coffee? So I kindly go in the kitchen and explain to him to ask before using it. He gets upset. But it’s my coffee machine. My food is also eaten and dishes that I did not make are piling up in the sink. The trash is overflowing. The apartment was just a mess. Nothing but weed and cigars were everywhere. Kevin, Shae, Calvin and some more of his friends went inside their “smoking closet”. Like really? who has a smoking closet? Oh, people who are young minded like 19??

So me and my boyfriend worked things out. I ended up moving back in with him. But before I did, I broke my lease. I kicked all of them out. Kevin then sends me a text saying he wanted his money back he put towards the deposit. Ummm weren’t you living here like the rest of us? I’m not getting my money back and neither are you. Nobody is.  So he gets upset and makes threats like ” You don’t know what happens to people who owe me money” No. Please show me.

The night this whole incident went down, my boyfriend was out of town. I called him right after the incident happened. He was like three hours from me. Y’all ……when I say I love him. I love him. He always has my back and is a ride or die. He left out of town at 4 a.m to get to me by 7 a.m to handle the situation. His friend also came along with him. They helped me get all my stuff out of the apartment so I could move back in with him. Kevin said something to me that I didn’t really catch. My boyfriend asked him to repeat it, and he didn’t say nothing. Now, it’s like still winter at this time. Tell me why Kevin walked outside with no shirt on trying to intimidate my boyfriend and his friend. When Kevin found out that it didn’t work, he went back inside and put on a shirt.

That is how my ex friend became my ex friend. She got upset because I broke my lease which meant she had to move back in with her mom. She could no longer see her boyfriend like that. Calvin had to go back to his aunt’s house, which is where he was staying. As for me. I learned a valuable lesson. To not let ops in my circle or life and to never room with a friend.  I was on a different level mentally than Shae, I was past my days of partying cause I’ve already did that.  Now, I’m older and continuously partying no longer interests me. I don’t smoke, but I still drink. I’m about establishing my life. Shae associates with younger people which is why she was still in that stage. You cannot live with someone and you both are in two different spots in life mentally and physically. I’ve always heard people say it never works out, but now I see why.


p.s : They damaged the apartment after this incident thinking that I would have to pay for the damage. But I had already let the landlord know up front that they might try to do that so I had them come in and take pictures of the place the same day I turned in my key to cover my ass.  In the end, I didn’t have to pay for anything. Piece of advice: always stay and think ahead. 

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