Storytime: She Caught Him With His “Sister”

x4kRKFkOkay. Let’s get into this storytime y’all….

First, the characters in this story time are my friend Nicole, her boyfriend Sean, and his friend Janae.  Got it? good. Let’s get it…

My freshman year in college I met alot of new people. (duh, of course right?) That’s all college is. Well I was taking sociology. In that class is when I met Nicole. Nicole is a chick that is all about her business should I say. She knows when to joke and play, but does not have time for f*ckery.  She mostly stays to herself. One day in class we had to pair up to do a project. Me and Nicole partnered up.  This is where our friendship began.

While we were working on the project together, we were just chit chatting. Getting to know each other. I was telling her about me and she was telling me about her. We began hanging out with each other outside class. After awhile I met Sean. She introduced us and I introduced her to my now ex boyfriend Tevin.  All four of us starting going out on double dates and then Sean and Tevin became friends. Cool.

I got busy in school and work and could not always hang with Nicole.She understood this So she went back to staying to herself if I wasn’t around to hang out. Sean would always go out with Tevin. Nicole could not stand that. Every time she turned around Tevin and Sean were going to play basketball, going to the gym, going here or going there. They were always doing something together.

Well one day Sean got tired of her complaining about him always being gone. So he suggested that she get some more female friends. She shut that idea down quickly. Well Sean got tired of her complaining one day and introduced Nicole to his friend Janae. He invited her out to tag along on a dinner date him and Nicole had.   ( I wish my boyfriend would invite one of his female friends on a date meant for me and him hmmmm).

Sean introduced Nicole to Janae and Vice Versa. Nicole and Jane got to know each other and then they became friends.  They were even closer than my friendship with Nicole. I was a little jealous to be honest. They started doing everything together like getting their hair or nails did, getting massages, going to a bar, etc.  She was happy she made friends that were just like her. Even more, she was happy she was bonding with Sean’s sister.

Janae would always call Nicole about relationship issues she was having with her boyfriend. Nicole would help. You know, girl talk. This would go on for awhile. Nicole was really liking the fact that she was bonding with Janae. She suddenly didn’t care that Sean was always with Tevin. Me and her would still hang out when we could in between this time.

One day I went over to Nicole’s house to just check up on her and catch up since i’ve been busy with school and work. We were chatting and then we both resorted to our phones…of course right??? She wanted to show me this video but it was not coming up on he phone. She asked Sean if she could use his phone. He let Nicole use it. While Nicole was looking for the video, I noticed Sean kept looking over at Nicole. He looked almost nervous. But for what? I had doubts about him after that but never brought it up. While Nicole was holding Sean’s phone, a text came through that read “I love you too”. But it was from his sister so everything was okay.  There was no need to get upset.  She put it to the back of her mind and kept it moving.

One day we went out for a double date to a football game. We were sitting in the bleaches and then Tevin decided he wanted to go grab a bite to eat. So me, Nicole, and Sean were still sitting down.  There was a group of girls that was walking in front of the stands. They stopped to try and find a seat. They looked up and spotted Sean. We see them whispering and laughing. In that group was Janae. Janae sees Sean and waves, but Sean acts as if he does not see her by being on his phone. I tap him and say ” your sister is waving at you”. He looks up like he doesn’t know or noticed her. He waves back nervously.  Janae then comes up to the bleachers. She reaches for a hug. They hug. She then goes in for a kiss and he dodges that. Nicole goes off!!!! ” I thought you said that was your sister”. Janae looks at Sean in shock and then back at Nicole. ” I’m his fiance sweety”.  In the midst of all this, I’m just looking. I wasn’t surprised that this happened. Sean was always a slick, smooth talking guy. Nicole always fell for his lies.  But as a friend, I always stood on stand by if she needed to vent about him.  Janae then slaps Sean so hard you could hear the hit at the football game. ( okay so maybe I’m exaggerating). But she hit Sean hard.  Sean gets up and was trying to hit Janae back but police had already gotten involved by then. Nicole is just going off on him like crazy. Tevin then comes back after all this and was like ” damn I missed it”. All of us got escorted out of the game. ( Well Sean, Nicole, and Jane did. I went with them because of course, Nicole is my friend).

Tevin then meets Janae during this incident, as it carried over at my aunt’s house. She lived across the street from the stadium.  My aunt hears people arguing outside so she comes outside to see what was wrong. I explained to her what just happened. Tevin is quiet. ( which was a first because he is never quiet. He always has an opinion). Tevin then says that he noticed Janae from somewhere. He gets on his phone to make a phone call. He comes back and he asks Jane if she knew someone named Josh. She quickly said no.  Now… Before Tevin made that phone call, I told him do not have nobody coming to my aunt’s house for drama. .Guess what?  Josh pulls up. Everybody is confused but I wasn’t. It was clear as day. Sean was engaged to Janae but had Nicole on the side and tried to cover it up by saying that Janae was his sister, meanwhile Janae was doing the same thing to Sean but just had her shit hidden better.

” Who is this”? Josh asks while getting out of his car walking over to Janae. Sean looks confused. ” Who are you”?  Josh said that he was Janae’s boyfriend and they had been together for five years. Sean started laughing and said ” you can have her. She’s trash anyway”. I found that interesting seeing as he did the same thing but anyway. Josh and Sean are just having a good time dogging her out in front of us. When that happened, I asked all of them to leave because I’m not doing that at my aunt’s house. They leave. I told Tevin I would catch up with him later. Me and Nicole go inside my aunt’s house and we’re just talking and spending time with my aunt. Nicole then wanted to go home to be by herself. We leave and I drop her off.

This is why Nicole liked staying to herself. That is also why I don’t trust the whole ” she’s like a sister or a brother to me thing”.  And do women lie too, just better? hmmm. While this may be true when it’s being said, always stay on guard for anything more than that.  That was a crazy night and one I will never forget.


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