My Past Struggles With Weight Loss

Screen-Shot-2011-09-07-at-2.00.52-PM-629x164Annnnd I’m back with another post! Yes I know this post is late but bear with me. Let’s get into it shall we????

So as I’ve mentioned in my last blog post,I have put on thirty pounds. In between that time I have been trying to get back to it and it was a struggle,( I’m telling you the struggle was real y’all). Outside of blogging, I work a 12 hour night shift. So sometimes that takes a big toll on me. In this post I will be sharing my past struggles with losing weight, but I can GUARANTEE won’t be anymore. So let’s get it….

1. Staying up late. This would probably be my biggest downfall.  On my days off from work, I’m just so happy to finally be off so I want to enjoy all of my day and night that I possibly can. Staying up late sometimes leads to me snacking. 

2. Sleep pattern is out of whack.  This one kind of goes along with the first one. I usually get off work at 7 am. When I get off I usually take a shower then get a quick bite then hit the sheets. Now, I’ll probably go to bed around 3 pm when I’ve gotten off at 7 am. So since I go to bed at 3pm, I wake up like 9 or 10 pm. So you can kind of see how this leads to my sleep being thrown off and late night snacking or eating. 

3. boredom Enough said

4.Television- Okay..In all fairness, my boyfriend made me adopt that habit. He always has to get something to eat when he watches his favorite show or movie. But then again, his goal is to gain weight, So I have to cut out my new habit. 

5. Lack of creativity when it comes to healthy foods- I cannot stress this enough…I suck when it comes to meal planning and prepping.  I need avareirty in my life and I’m going to get it. But I will get better at it. I’m speaking it into exsistence. .. Wait on it. 


Those four habits were the biggest downfall to me losing weight. I think it’s important so really sit down and assess your habits so that you can approve your life overall. Kind of like trial and error. You will soon learn what works and what doesn’t work for you. I’m being very candid and open with you guys because hopefully I will inspire or help someone dealing with the same issue. And to also hold myself accountable for this.

Throughout these 12 weeks I will be documenting evreything dealing with my journey. While keeping my past roadblocks in mind. Tomorrow will be the first day to this journey. I will be posting a photo of my first official weigh in tomorrow ( so nervous) . I was bad on the 4th of July so we’re going to see. I’m very excited for this journey. Once again, thank you for supporting me and I love you guys from the bottom of mt heart.


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