Week #1 of my journey

images (2)Soooooo I have just completed week 1 of my journey and let me just tell you... I feel wonderful. …and SORE, but that is slowly going away the more I move around on my off days from working out.

Currently right now. I am only working out three days a week because of my work schedule. As I’ve previously stated, I work 12 hour shifts so that can be very bad when I need rest for work. I get my workout from work anyways.

This week has somewhat been discouraging. Mainly because I keep checking the scale. Ughhh I know you’re not suppose to check the scale everyday but I have to break myself out of it. I will now do my weigh ins on Sundays and will post a visual of my current weight in my Monday’s post. I have been drinking a ton of water so that adds to that.

I think the thing with me is I hate room temperature water. I will drink it but it does not quench my thirst. So now I have a pink jug that I bought from Wal mart and I put it in the refrigerator to let it get cold and I drink that.

I have been eating healthy this whole week except yesterday. Which is my cheat meal day. I had a small pizza. When I tell you, that pizza gave me life!!! I like to go out for a cheat meal. I don’t keep it home because ya girl is still learning to stick to the plan. That starts with being honest with myself. I know I will eat more than what I’m suppose to have so I don’t keep my cheat meals home. My cheat meal is something I can eat in one day and then it’s gone. I don’t go out and buy a huge bag of Doritos right now because the bag will still be home tomorrow.  ( I will post a food haul post coming soon).

Some days were harder to work out than other days. I hate the part right before working out ( putting on clothes to work out).  I have to drink my coffee as usual to get me pumped and excited to want to work out. It was really only Sunday I had the hardest time. But I had to motivate myself. After Sunday, I had it all by myself. It just took that push to get started for the week.

I workout right now Sun-Tues and Wednesday is my rest/ cheat meal. I’m off from the gym Thursday-Saturday. All throughout the week I’m eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.

I put both of my scales in my car so I don’t look at it until Sunday. So on Sunday I will be doing my weigh in. I’m super excited but nervous at the same time. I do this so that my only and main goal is to just focus on being healthy and not about the number on the scale. Practicing healthy habits is what matters at the end of the day.

As always, Thank y’all for supporting me and I love y’all so very much. ❤


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