My 4th Of July Was Lit ( part 2)

231-make-cookout-delicious-not-dangerous-wideSo I open the door and in walks….My ex, Tevin. (pause). I’m so shocked and confused to see him because I have not seen him in probably four years.

The words ” What the f*ck”? slipped out my mouth. I had to apologize for the slip but this was just weird and awkward. I’m curious to want to know who the heck invited him knowing me and his past history. My brother comes to the door and says “what’s up to him and they hand shake. Right then and there I figured out my brother did.  My brother and my ex became friends. I did not get the heads up on this at all. I didn’t care seeing as how I was completely over him anyways. But… he had the nerve to bring his current girlfriend to the cookout…What!!!?!!? Who does that? He brings his current girlfriend to his ex girlfriend’s family cookout.  I personally don’t think his elevator goes all the way to the top.

Tevin comes in and he speaks to me. I speak back and then I  speak to his girlfriend. I’m completely unphased by this. I get to know his girlfriend and she’s actually pretty cool.

Some family members are getting ready to leave the cookout, so I was helping my mom and my aunts clean up afterwards. After that, I went and took a shower and got ready to go out with my friends for the night. After getting ready I text my friend Shane to let her know I’m about to leave the house to meet her and my other friends for the night. She text me back saying she was just going to come to me. So I said okay. Shane gets to my parents house.  I let her in. We’re sitting down in the living room just watching tv. Tevin and Shane are in my brother’s room with some of my cousins playing the video game. Tevin soon comes out and walks into the living room. He quickly turns back around. I thought that was just weird but knowing him, I knew something was going on.  Shane gets up and walks into my brother’s room. I follow. “So you’re just going to walk in and then walk out the living room without speaking to me”? Shane said. ” What’s up”? Tevin says back.  Tevin’s current girl, Raven asks ” who is she”? Shane then looks at Tevin to respond to Raven. ” She’s my friend”. ” Oh, that’s what I am”? Shane asks Tevin.  *”We talk to each other” Shane responds.I’m shocked because I had no idea Tevin and Shane were talking because she’s my friend and I thought she would have ran it by me. ( breaking girl code) Ex boyfriends are off-limits) * In my mean girls voice*.  But i’m also somewhat not surprised. Tevin loves being a flirt.  I found that out the sad way.

Raven clearly began to seem heated. She then asks for proof. ” It’s really not all that serious”. Tevin says.  Before stuff got out of hand, I told them to carry the situation outside. Not in my parent’s house. We all go outside.  Tevin then gets mad at me for inviting Shane. I had no idea that they talked. So I thought he was just looking for someone to blame for his situation. Raven and Shane are talking. Shane pulls out her phone to show Raven text messages between her and Tevin. Me and my cousins are just on the sideline watching this whole situation unfold.

Raven is reading the messages and Tevin is like” They lying to you. They trying to set me up to breaks us up bae”. ” I knew nothing about this sooo… What agenda would i have”? and do you know how dumb you sound”? The messages are clearly from you. That’s your number right”?  ” Yes, but it’s not me”. ” I just gave up. He’s clearly doesn’t have all his marbles.  So you mean to tell me, someone got your phone and has been texting Shane like they are you???

Raven then asks to see Tevin’s phone. Tevin then has a thousand different reasons why she can’t see it. ” Oh, it’s about to die”. ” I’m about to use it”. “why, you don’t trust me”? So many excuses. Raven then ends up grabbing it from him and she’s looking through his phone and sees more evidence. He had Shane with emojis by her name and Raven had no emojis…Burn….She throws his phone to the ground and Tevin and her are going at it. ” You don’t have a phone now to call and text other females now huh”? She broke his phone.  In the middle of all this, Shane phone rings. She ignores it. She said this number has been calling her for the past few weeks. She doesn’t answer phone calls she doesn’t  know.  I convince her to pick it up this time. She picks up and then walks off from all the noise so she can hear the person on the phone.” Hello”, “Hello, who is this”? Shane asks. “I’m Taylor, I found this number in Tevin’s phone and thought you might know him, so do you know him”? “Yes, I talk to him” Shane replies. ” I’m calling to let you know I’m pregnant with his child, so do with that information what you want”. Taylor then hung up in Shane’s face. Shane comes over to me then tells me what happened.

” Who the f*ck is Taylor”? Shane asks. She just interrupted their argument. Then Raven had the most evil facial expression I ever saw. ” hold up, how do you know Taylor”? Raven asks Shane. ” I don’t. She called me to tell me she found my number in Tevin’s phone and she called to tell me she was pregnant”.  ” Oh hell no”. I ask Raven what’s wrong. ” I have a sister name Taylor……”ohhhh sh*t, ummm all of you have to leave my parent’s house because it looks like sh*t is about to get real”

Raven then asks to see the number that called Shane. Surely, it was Raven’s sister that called Shane.  Raven jumped in her car to go confront her sister about the situation. My brother had to drop Tevin back off at his house. Some hours later I got a phone call from Shane that Tevin told her that Raven hit someone head on a curve, She had no patience to be behind a slow driver so she went around them on a curve, but around that curve was another car passing. She hit them  head on and killed the passenger…..RIP to that passenger of the vehicle. …..Moral of the story. Never drive anywhere when angry and to just move on with your life if you’ve been wronged by someone. This is easier said than done..Believe me. But it could cause you major consequences in the long run. You are never a victim. Always choose to rise above your problems. Now those few minutes of anger Raven felt  over someone who is NOWHERE NEAR WORTH IT could cause her a lifetime consequence. Move on with your life.  He’s free to mess with someone else now, while she will be sitting behind bars, and for what?? Her anger.



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