My Weigh in (update)

20180715_193107_2As usual…You know the motto….Let’s get into this!!!

So last post I was 167.2 now today I am as you can see 166.2. I have to say I’m somewhat disappointed because it’s a pound lost, but it’s a journey and not a race.

Y’all I have been so tired today. To get myself out of my tiredness, I did some online shopping. Fun right? Am I the only one that thinks online shopping is fun. I bought a couple gym outfits for motivation to get up and get my workout started. I put in work today.

I have been drinking plenty of water and back on a good sleep pattern. Yae!!! For the longest I loved staying up binge watching shows on Hulu. I had to break myself away from that. Sleep effects your mood as you know so I take my sleep a lot more serious now.

Some days I would not feel like working out. I just really had to get myself out of that. So sometimes to get out of that. I would lay in bed and put on my pandora app and listen to music that really wakes me up. I really love my Beyonce. No, I’m not part of the beyhive, if you were wondering.  I then get up and brush my teeth and have my coffee then by that time, I’m feeling a lot more motivated to work out.  Just a tip to those who lose motivation some days. Find what motivates you.

Thank you guys so much for your support and love. I love y’all. Stay Selfish ❤


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