Plan>Execute> Positive Vibes>Consistency>Repeat (The Set-up)

check-list-instance-management-tool-checklistOkay. so Y’all let me just tell you what just happened right? Okay. So me and my brother are eating at his job. Today is his day off. So before we got out the car to go in, he had to give me “the talk”. He turns to me with his finger in my face and says “look don’t get in here and act up or you can come back to the car” (pause)….It’s my car y’all…(resume). He says this because I told him earlier how I wanted to just meet his co-workers.  How are you going to tell someone to go back to their own car. He knows I’m a very playful jokester. So I’m always doing something to make him laugh.

So we get inside the restaurant.  The waiter comes up to talk to my brother and then he speaks to me. I’m holding a conversation asking him a thousand questions. Me and the waiter are having a great conversation. My brother is just staring at me like “really”? I’m poking fun at my brother with the waiter and I have the waiter laughing. I’m like ” I know my brother have y’all doing most of the work. He probably don’t work much”. The waiter agrees and we’re just having a joking moment. My brother gets my keys out of his pocket and says ” go back to the car” while laughing.

Then this girl he went to school walks up and says hey to him. ” who is this”? I said. ” Are you cheating on me with her”? My brother is telling me under his breath to shut up. So I start laughing and I eventually end up telling the girl I’m his sister. After we leave the restaurant,  my brother says ” I can’t take you nowhere, matter of fact just get out. You can walk home”. In my owe car??? You’re going to kick me out. He pulls over on the side of the road. ( We’re just joking, this is normal between us). I say ” okay, okay, okay. You won’t hear another word from me for the rest of the day….But y’all know I lied. Then we just came back home…That was just a short story. I’m older than him so I have to poke fun sometimes. We’re three years apart…But Let’s get into this post……

I’m in week 2 of my journey and I have to say I’m feeling very pumped. I’m going to share some tips that have got me through this journey so far. Sooo. Let’s go.

1. Create an action plan. Write. Write. Write….Getting a planner and just planning my workouts ahead of time and the time that I’m going to do it has really helped. Keeping into consideration my life outside of working out.  What do I have to do for the week? my work schedule, etc. I wrote it down and worked around my life..I was also specific. What day am I going to have my cheat day, what days will I work out, When will be my rest day, my meals for the week, etc.. Write it down and make it happen.

2.  Use Google. I love to research on fitness. Read up on macros and nutrients etc. If you want to pass the test, you study right? So there’s so much information on fitness so utilize to get you going.

3.  Be realistic. We don’t wake up every day feeling like Beyonce. Like we can take on the world. Some days I feel so tired. Some days I’ve been feeling like hitting pizza hut.  Do not rely on your motivation to get you this journey. Rely on your will power and discipline. Discipline is long term. Motivation is something to get you through your goal. But be realistic. You want to be fit for the long term and not just a quick fix.

4. Don’t look to people for motivation.  I love my boyfriend so much but there’s been times where we’ll go out to eat and he can have WHATEVER HE wants. Like he’ll get a Oreo cheesecake and does not gain a pound ( even though that’s his goal). But I don’t rely on him to be my fitness partner. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have a fitness buddy, but don’t rely on that to keep you motivated.  There may be days where your fitness buddy can’t go to the gym with you, so does that mean you’re not going either?? No.It’s your journey so make it YOUR journey. Understand that this is not a race. I love looking at fitness models on the internet, but I know that everyone has slip ups, as the models have to in order to get to where they are. So just because you’re not there yet, don’t look at someone for motivation and then get discouraged that you’re not there yet….You will be. Just keep on pushing.

5. Do Like Nike ” Just Do It”. There’s been days so far where I haven’t been feeling like working out. I try to find things that I like doing at the gym to get me through the days where I’m not feeling it to get me through my work out. You will never regret a workout. Even if it’s a small workout.

6. RUN RUN RUN far away from the negative Nancies. If you are around someone that’s always negative or puts you down, Listen ( come closer) DO NOT surround yourself with them. Surround yourself with people who will support your lifestyle change ” not diet” .

7. Be consistent. ENOUGH SAID. Always be consistent even when you hit a plateau. That’s okay. It’s going to happen. Just during those times do not look at scale. Focus on health and fitness.


So those are my tips that I have so far. Thank you so much for supporting me. I love you guys<3 Stay Selfish

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