A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing ( Storytime)

image0106So as I always say, let’s get into this….Ready? Let’s go. Grab your popcorn

So before I get into this the characters in this story are myself, my friend April, My friend Treal, and Travis, which is a friend that I was “talking” to at the time. Got it? okay..

So me and my friend April have been really good friends for awhile. We met back in college. We would hang out all the time. Every weekend we would go to a party or have a girls night out or something. We were always together and of course, you guys know Treal, I’ve wrote a post about him, I will link it to the bottom of this post for those that missed it. Travis mmmm what can I say about that dude? Travis was somebody that I was talking to. He was so sexy, but…Well I’ll explain later.

Okay, So I met Travis at this party on campus ( bad idea). Me and April were mingling with everyone that was there like our friends. Treal comes up to me at the party with his friend Travis. When I tell you Travis was so sexy. He was tall, brown eyes, dressed so neat, had a clean cut beard, and he had muscle!!! I was watching him the whole night. I’m never thirsty but f*ck it, I was that night for him.

Anyways, Treal introduced me  and April to his friend. Me and Travis held a short conversation for a short minute and then I went with April to the bar to get a drink. When we got to the bar, I was like ” girl, he fine as hell, I want his number but I’m too nervous to ask”. She goes ” just go ask him”. “No”, I said. “well if you don’t go ask him, I’m going to”. ” No, I’m about to”, I said. So I walk over to Travis, so nervous but trying not to show it. I ask for his number and he smiles and gives me his number.

The next day I text him and we’re just texting back and forth getting to know each other a little. ( I hate talking on the phone when I’m first getting to know someone, it makes it awkward for me). Anyways we hung out again a couple days after that and we both started really liking each other.

A couple weeks after that,April comes over to my house and she was asking me about how things were with Travis. I said things were good and I was going into detail about him and some of the things that we talked. She was so happy for me because for the longest she was trying to get me to get to know someone after me and Tevin broke up.

Me and Travis kept seeing each other like going out on dates or just seeing each other when we could. After awhile his texting pattern changed. I would text him and he would reply back three hours later or the next day. He would cancel plans we had, and he wasn’t picking up his phone as often. I pick up on vibes and changed patterns very well so I knew something was up, I just didn’t know what.

So one day I call April over to tell her what happened. She tells me that she saw Travis with another woman at the store where she works at. At first I was hurt but then I started giving him the benefit of the doubt. It could’ve been his sister, cousin, or aunt. So April asks me if I was okay. ” Yes, I trust him. It could’ve been someone related to him”. “Sierra, you’re so gullible”. ” No, I’m not. Until I see for myself that this woman is something more to him, then I’m okay. I’m not expecting anything from him but his honesty because we’re not even official yet”. She gives the “whatever” face. Right in the middle of us talking, Travis calls. We talk for awhile and he asks can he come over later. I said yes and then went back to my conversation with April.

” I’m just so happy you finally talking to someone, just take your time with him this time” April said. ” I am. We’re just talking”. She leaves and then I get dolled up for Travis. He finally gets to my house. I’m nervous because I don’t know if I should ask him about this female or just play it cool.  He knocks at my door and I answer it.

He comes over like he just got out of church or an interview. He comes over with a pink collard long sleeve shirt on with some white pants with creases in them…(I’m gone).  I greet him at the door with a hug. He hugs me back but it wasn’t like the hugs he usually gives me. I felt like this visit was a ” need to talk to you about something face to face” visit. So  I ask him what’s wrong. He sits down and says ” nothing”. ( I really can’t stand when I clearly see something is wrong with him and he says “nothing”). Don’t lie to me, just say that you don’t want to talk about it at that moment and I’ll drop the conversation until you want to talk.

After about 20 minutes of arguing about knowing something was wrong, he says that he has made it official with someone else and he thinks we should just be friends. I was hurt but knew that he had other females he was talking to. ” is this the one April saw you with at the store”?  ” Yes,  I just knew she was going to tell you and I needed time to decide on what I was going to do, that’s why I haven’t been answering your texts or calls”, he says.  We talk for a little while longer and then he leaves.

I get on facebook and see that he put his relationship status with her up after this ( petty). So I click on his girlfriend’s page……It’s April’s sister, Brittany. I was so heated and shocked at the same time. So after awhile of thinking, I decided not to say anything to April to see if she would tell me.

A few hours later April calls and asks if I wanted to hang out. I said yes and so we went to this really good Jamaican spot.  We were just talking and talking. She still hadn’t brought up the fact that her sister is with Travis. So while we’re talking, I’m texting Brittany. I ask her about the whole situation with Travis and at the same time letting her know I’m not trying to be rude. I just wanted answers and closure. She tells me that April hooked her up with him!!!!!! Bruhh,  I couldn’t even fake it anymore.

” You’re really so fake”. She looks at me confused as if she didn’t know what I was talking about. ” Let me tell you since you seem to have memory loss right now. Your sister just told me you hooked her up with Travis. Why would you do that? Matter fact I don’t even want to know because you’ll probably lie about that too”. This is a EDITED conversation y’all. The conversation did not at all go like this.

Probably a week later, Brittany calls me to apologize. I accepted her apology since she didn’t know that me and Travis were talking. But then, she says that April wanted Travis and her to talk so April could talk to him.” so let me get this straight. April hooked you up with Travis so he could stop talking to me. Then since we’re not talking, April could have him”? “Right”, Brittany says.   “when did you find out about this plan”?” Before she hooked us up”, Brittany says. I hung up in her face after that. Brittany went along with the plan from the very beginning. That was a fake apology that she gave.

So April calls a few hours later after I talked to Brittany. She asks if I was mad. Really? me being mad had nothing to do with Travis. It had everything to do with loyalty.  Why would my ” friend”  set her sister up so she could just turn around and have the person that I was trying to get with? She smiled in my face and said she was happy for me and everything else and this whole time, she’s been plotting.

What have I learned from all this? I don’t tell my friends anything about somebody that I’m dating until it gets serious and we’ve made it official. I also watch my friends reactions to good news that I tell them and learn to listen more than I talk.  Travis ended up actually dating Brittany but later cheated on her so I guess I dodged a bullet.



2 thoughts on “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing ( Storytime)

  1. I liked reading it and I must say that, you are a girl with lots of patience..I don’t know what I could have done in the same situation… it hurts more when someone very close stabs you on the back and reading this post, I could feel it ..


    1. Yes. I had patience. I now have a better sense of judgment of the people that I choose to associate with. Backstabbing does hurt a lot, but it’s during those times that you find out more about the people around you. Thank you always for the love and support ❤


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