Week #2 Of My Journey (weigh in)


Sooo let’s get into this…..

This is the end of my second week of my journey. As you can see I am 163.6. This week honestly has been very stressful. I’ve been having mandatory overtime. So I’ve been super tired. I have had a 72 hour work week so I’ve been sleeping for the most part.

During the week, I’ve made sure to drink plenty of water. Some days I would forget to refill my jug with water and put it in the refrigerator so it’s ready to drink cold….tragic. As I’ve mentioned before, on my off days from the gym, I get my workout at work and then I have one rest day. I always listen to my body. No matter how bad I want to be active or workout, if I’m not feeling my best and I feel like I shouldn’t work out that day then I won’t. I push myself way too hard sometimes so I tend to back off from going so hard sometimes.

Next month I will be doing a food haul post of what I’ve been eating. I’ve been eating clean for the most part. I’ve had a slip up at work yesterday, but it’s okay. It didn’t ruin my whole week. I don’t restrict my self from something that I want if it’s not going to ruin my progress from that week. That would be a waste of a week.

I am now on week 3. I’m super excited. I’m really starting to gain a lot more energy. Not that I didn’t have any before, but it’s more than what I’ve had before. I just have to learn now how to stay away from sodas. I’m not a big soda drinker but I just love it every now and again. It bloats my stomach up so bad. So I’m trying to stick to water.

Thank you guys as always for your love and support. I love you guys! Stay Selfish ❤

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