Week #3 Of My Journey

mapping-the-customer-journey-professional-services-580x325Okay y’all it is currently 6 am as I’m writing this blog post but it won’t be up until later on today. I couldn’t sleep at all so I just feel like if i’m laying in bed and feeling sleepless, then why not do something productive right??? Instead of just laying there frustrated because I can’t sleep.  But anyways, let’s get into this.

This is week 3 of my journey. As I’ve stated in my last post (the weigh in week 2)  I am 163 pounds. I have not worked out yet today. I am in a little while. I’m about to drink my water and coffee to get my energy up and then I’m headed out the door to hit the gym.

Today I really want to focus on my abs and my thighs. I have no problem with my thighs but I just really want them not to be so thick. Like in some of my jeans, the thigh part has a hole in them. So I really want to lose some of my thighs. Besides I absolutely love leg day!!!! Who doesn’t right?

I’m not going to eat anything before the gym only because I’m really not hungry. I try to eat only when I’m hungry, not because it’s there. I’m more of a muncher so I’ll have little snacks  like trail mix or something to fill me over into a meal so I’m not going crazy when I actually do get hungry.  I always pick out the raisins. I hate raisins. ( One time my grandma gave me a cookie that I thought was a chocolate chip cookie until I bit into it). It was raisins. ( the trickery). Raisin cookies should not be allowed in this world.

I already have my dinner and lunch prepped. I now meal prep on Sundays. I plan what I’m going to eat for the week Sunday mornings. I go grocery shopping and then I cook to prep it for the week. I place all my meals in little containers and I place in the refrigerator. My taste buds changes from day-to-day or moment to moment lol so I don’t plan the days where I will eat a certain meal. I just pick based off how I’m feeling.

As always, thank you guys so very much for your love and support. It’s greatly appreciated. I love you guys. Stay Selfish ❤


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