When You Fall Seven Times….

falling_girl_02So let’s get into it…..

Today has been such a crazy day. I’ve slept mostly my whole day away. Obviously, this is why my post is so late. I’ve been so tired. I’ve had a long week last week with overtime so I’m getting back into it. I needed my rest. I’ve just been so tired.

In the midst of not working out today, I also did not work out yesterday because I was feeling so sick when I first woke up yesterday morning. Yesterday was also my cheat day so I went and got a chocolate shake from Sonic. ( bad choice)  because I felt worse after that.

I’m now feeling refreshed from me getting sleep and in general just resting. I tend to not go to the gym when I’m not feeling 100% because I will either half a** it or I’ll sometimes push myself through the workout and then feel so exhausted for the next few days. Learning to listen to your body is key. With me working overtime and then working out, I haven’t really gave my body time to rest.  I’m a person that hates sitting still. It just drives me crazy staying home all day. I’m nowhere near a home body.

But….I’m about to go kill this workout to make up for yesterday. Keep in mind that just because you have one or two bad days does not mean you give up. We’re all human. You’re not always going to feel your best. It’s a matter of listening to your body. For the most part I’ve been eating healthy even though I have not worked out yet.

Thank you all for your love and support. It’s greatly appreciated. Stay Selfish ❤

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