The End Of Week 3

download (1)So let’s get into this……..

So today marks the end of week 3 with 9 weeks left to go. woooohoo!!! Still a while to go but I got this, I’m super excited for my weigh in because ya girl has been killing it after almost two days after of feeling so tired.  I’m so tempted to go get my scale out my car butttt I have to train my mind not to do that so, nope it’s staying in the car until tomorrow.

This week was definitely a draining but kind of a bounce back week for me. As i said earlier, I was drained and so tired the beginning of this week so I didn’t work out but I made up for it by still eating healthy and resting up when I didn’t. I also went back into the gym when I started getting my energy back. So for me, it’s always listening to my body even though I want to work out.

I have really been searching for a really great protein powder so if you guys have a suggestion to which ones I might want to try please let me know. Thank you <3. I’m getting way better this week with drinking water. I love, love, love my lemon water.  That gives me so much life in the morning. Like I knew how spongebob felt on that episode when he needed water and when he finally got it, he was just like ahhhh! so much life.

I haven’t completely cut everything bad out of my life only because I don’t want to do it cold turkey. That’s how you revisit the things you’re trying to cut out. I’m doing it bit by bit and trying to find healthier alternatives to the things I do like. I recently just purchased a cookbook to try new healthier recipes.

So overall I would say this week has been an example of the fact that you’re going to have your bad days but what matters is are you going to stay there and let those bad days consume you and give up or are you going to decide to get back up and come back stronger? The choice is ultimately yours.

As always Thank y’all for your love and support. I love you.<3 Stay Selfish


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