When You Need The Motivation…(Tips)

sleeping-in-1508867143You should already know by now..Let’s get into this..

As this month is coming to a close, I want to share my top 6motivation tips for starting your workout journey.

  1. Do Not Have A Schedule. What I mean by this is when you are first starting out you want to be able to stick to working out. You want to be consistent.  If you are a person that is not consistent, do something that gets you in the mood or pumped up every single day to work out. This tip was so inspired by my cousin. She sometimes falls off with getting in shape because she tries to set up a schedule. Like she will set her alarm for 7 am and then find it difficult to wake up and she’ll skip her workout since she did not wake up for it. No. Do not do that.  Having a workout schedule is good only when you are 200% positive you’re going to stick with it or if fitness is already part of your lifestyle.
  2. Have A Ritual.  This tip goes with #1. I personally have a set schedule for when I work out only because I like to be an organized person. It keeps me so sane. In the past I didn’t have a schedule because I would have work and class and my hours from work would shift so I never made a schedule. But I had a ritual. So let’s say I had a 8 am class ( don’t we all love 8 am classes). Said Nobody. Lol. But anyways. On the days I would have a 8 am class, I would set my alarm for 5:30 and make my coffee and listen to inspirational audibles on my phone to get me through these days. I would do this for 30 minutes and then at 6 am-7, I would do my workout. So then my workout is done. I would then get in the shower and get ready for class. After class, I would then go to work and still feel accomplished that I worked out that day.  So always have something to get you pumped before your workout if you find yourself unmotivated. Research other people’s routine or rituals to get some tips to see if it works for you.  “I’m too busy” is never an excuse.
  3. Do not go Cold Turkey. When first working out we all like to cut out the sodas, chips, fast food, etc. While that’s a good mindset to have, start out slowly eliminating these things from your life. let’ say you like soda. Maybe try carbonated water ( which is still bad when drinking too much) but then slowly get into carbonated water or flavored water. You like chips, try the baked version. Always try to wing yourself off the unhealthy foods by finding alternatives, but not going cold turkey with everything as you may fall completely off with this.
  4. Switch it up. When  you have been working out for awhile and you’re super excited that you’re getting results but then you hit that plateau, it can get pretty disappointing. Learn how to switch up your workouts. You don’t want your body to get use to muscle memory. When your workout starts to become too easy, step it up and make it harder.
  5. Always, always, always be kind to yourself. So what one day you missed a workout? ( which I hate also) but so what? Make up for it in another way. Alot of times if I miss a day, I’ll go harder than what I normally do in the gym or I’ll push my cheat day back another day until I make up for my missed gym session.
  6. Get prepped .The night before your workout, have your ipod or phone charged, your workout clothes laid out, and your water bottle and towel ready to go. ( no excuses)

*I’m not a doctor or anything like that,I’m just sharing my personal tips* You should consult with your doctor first.


As Always. Thank you guys for your love and support. I deeply appreciate that so much. Stay Selfish <3.

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