( Where Have I Been) #Storytime

f833ab30fbd52c0cd60fWhutzzzz up you guys! I’m back and really missed blogging. So much has been going on in my life that caused me to take an unexpected break from blogging. So let me get straight into the reason for the title………

So a couple months ago I was riding in the car with my one of my friends Kayla. We were on our way out of town to meet up with some of our friends for an all girls trip. I was on the passenger side and Kayla was driving. As we were on our way, a car pulls out in front of Kayla and hits her car. It was the most scariest moment ever because when they hit kayla, her car flipped and almost went into a store that was close by the intersection where the accident took place. I ended up breaking my collar-bone.

The person that hit us was a young lady that was a nurse at a hospital. She was texting on her phone and was not paying attention. We of course did not get to go on the trip. I was badly injured and could not do anything and I love being active. I hate being still. I’m always an on the go type of person so I look at the situation now like a lesson, which is it’s okay and that I should learn to be still sometimes and not always wanting to do something. Of course, I did not see it that way during the accident.

With that being said, I was not able to continue working out which left me so depressed because I was making progress. I’m now having to start all the way back over which I guess is okay. Just a little irritated about that but not really.

I’ve been going to physical therapy and now my collar bone is healed. When I tell y’all I could not do anything, I could do ANYTHING. It was difficult to raise my right arm. ( I’m right handed). I solely depended on my boyfriend for everything, (which I loved because sometimes I like being babied by him).

I’ve also just enrolled back into college. I went to college previously and graduated with a degree in psychology.  I now want to go back for a degree in nursing. I really enjoy helping people (it’s a passion). The car wreck also pushed me to want to learn about things in the medical field even more. I don’t think you should ever stop learning. Life is all about growing and learning so why stop??? Keep going.

I never want to wake up twenty years from now and wonder what have I been doing with my life for the last twenty years? Always collect knowledge from every situation you’re in and take that with you.  Remember Knowledge is power. Just because you hit a small bump in the road does not mean you stop. You will get over that bump.

I love you guys so much and thank you for your support and still commenting and emailing me while I’ve been away.I deeply appreciate it…..Stay Selfish ❤


Live out your dash- Linda Ellis


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