The Most Disrespectful Sh** EVER! ( Storytime)

sourceSo as per usual….Let’s get into this……

So a couple months ago before the accident, I took my boyfriend to a live Wild’n Out Show.( if you haven’t went to one in person, it’s a must that you go. Wayyy longer than an episode). So we get our drinks and we sit down. There’s a girl who passes our row and speaks to my boyfriend but does not speak to me……(pause) MANNERS 101: When you come in contact with someone you know and they are with their significant other,acknowledge both people.  ( Resume)  We’re going to call this girl name Vanessa, for the sake of this story and privacy Okurrrr.

So I gave her this ( bit** look) Like you don’t see me right here as well. But we’re out at an event and I want to enjoy my time and I’ll talk about this later. ( Ladies, never ruin a good time out with your man unless it’s necessary). This was not necessary. There’s always a time and place for everything.

We enjoyed the show and I put that part behind me. Two weeks later I’m working and Vanessa comes up to me at work and asks if she knew where Levi (my boyfriend) was. Again, ( Wrong place, wrong time). But…You can get your point across to someone without going overboard. So I ask her what did she want with him. Vanessa says she had to talk to him about something personal. ( right then and there my adrenaline was running). I said no and she said thanks and walked away. ( Tip: Never talk too soon because you may end up running the truth off). I did not say anything at all for awhile because I wanted to see how things played out.  ( Vanessa, I, and my boyfriend all work at the same place).

We get off work and it’s time for us to go sleep. When I woke up, I hear my boyfriend talking on the phone so I listen. He’s giving someone advice on a person that this person on the phone likes. I don’t think anything of it. I go back to lay down.  So then the next day I ask my boyfriend did he find the girl at work that was looking for him the other day. He says yes. I ask him what did she want with him. He says she wanted advice on something. I recently thought back to the phone conversation I heard him having the other day. I then ask advice on what. He says that Vanessa likes a guy at work and needed advice on how to get him.  I then said someone at work told me that y’all were on the phone talking about this. He then says yes. I ask how did she get your number. He said that one of his friends at work gave it to her.

( This person (Tre) that gave Vanessa my boyfriend’s number also likes me, but is my boyfriend’s “friend”). My boyfriend reassured me that he talked to his friend and told him not to give out his number to nobody without asking him.

So the next day at work I went up to Vanessa at work and I explained to her that I don’t appreciate her having my boyfriend’s number and that whatever advice she had she could talk to him at work. That’s inappropriate.  She apologized and said she thought that he was my brother.  Just to see if she was honest I asked her what did her and my boyfriend talk about. She said that he was trying to talk to her. ( I was listening the whole time on the conversation and that was not the truth). But I didn’t care just wanted to clear the situation up).

A week later I get a text from this guy at work  named Derek asking if we could go out somewhere to a movie. ( I do have guys number from work but I always let my boyfriend know this whenever I do and he has the pass code to my phone as I have his.The only difference was he never told me when he got Vanessa’s phone number which is what made me suspicious).  As I do believe you can be friends with people of the opposite sex. ( Mind you Tre and Derek are close friends). So my boyfriend’s friend ( Tre) who likes me *which I told my boyfriend because I feel is unloyal* gave Vanessa my boyfriend’s number because she asked.  Tre then told Derek * who also likes me* and Derek sent me the screenshot of her confessing. So do you see how this was orchestrated?  But me and my boyfriend always have an open line to talk to each other if something happens. As he explained to me that he did not want it to look like something that it wasn’t. ( he still got a lecture from me. *really but not really* I try not to nag but always state what I will and won’t tolerate).  Dishonesty is one that I won’t.

Anyways back to the story. I get the text. I text back ( Yes, but my boyfriend gotta come along too). Derek tells me well it looks like someone is trying to push up on your man anyways). I ask who. I then receive multiple screenshots of Vanessa talking to this person about liking my boyfriend.  I did not text back after that.

Now….When my boyfriend told me the reason why they were talking on the phone was because she needed a male’s point of view about this guy she like, I just knew she was trying then. I then explained to my boyfriend that she likes him. ( Vanessa has four brothers and a billion guys work at our job) I know it may sound like I’m insecure but I’m far from that. I’m just awake to games being played.

Now let’s say that she really did think me and my boyfriend was brother and sister, when me and my boyfriend are sitting together at work she never comes over and asks for advice then. She only talks to him when I’m not around. She’ll talk to him if other people are around him but when I come around she either leaves or just stares.  And the screenshot I got with her confessing that she likes him proves that I was right all along. ( Remember, Don’t be so quick to react to things).

That now is behind me and I’ve moved on from that.  I’m usually a private person at work. I only call a handful my friend and associate with a little. My boyfriend is the same way. We keep people out our business. I work at a warehouse that is known for messiness and gossip. I’ve gotten friend request from people at work whom I don’t even know or talked to ever as so has my boyfriend…..When you are private and keep people out your business it drives curiosity. ( Some people who have added me on social media are friends with Vanessa)   Be private, not secretive and always know the difference.


3 thoughts on “The Most Disrespectful Sh** EVER! ( Storytime)

    1. @danniele love Lol. No need for violence if I wasn’t physically touched. Queens don’t scoop down to peasants level. We just adjust our crown and stack our money and sit on our throne looking pretty and unbothered. ❤


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