The Ultimate Guide To Being A #Baddie

giphyLet’s get it…………

Okay let’s chat for a second? What do you think about when you hear the word”baddie”? I know I think about the cute and sexy instagram models ( Please note: most, not all of them have had surgery). But what good is the body if you don’t have anything else to go with it right??? Follow me.

In this post I will be sharing with you tips on how to be a BADDIE!!!!!  sooooo here it is.

  1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be about your money. It’s not cute for a woman to be dependent upon a man ( if she doesn’t have to).  When you have your own money, nobody can tell you nothing. Some men think that depending upon them means “control” over you. Get your own.
  2.  HIT THE BOOKS. Nothing is more sexier than a woman who has beauty and brains. Your education can help you make money. You also want to be able to talk about intellectual topics with people rather than just what’s happening on RHOA? show that you can talk about things that are happening in the world. You can even educate your sweetie on something they didn’t know but you do.
  3. ACT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. (I’m going to say this one more time for the people in the back) ACT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. I mean two things by this: first, don’t try to keep up with the joneses and then be broke tomorrow doing that. Stay in your lane. Example if you see someone who has a gorgeous Chanel bag. The bag costs around $800 but you have $1000 in your bank account. That makes no sense to have the majority of your account gone to keep up with someone else. Social media are full of people who have a ” We just bought a house” sign up in their yard, but their really renting it. Second, DO NOT be that female ( or guy) that has nothing in their bank account or bank account is not poppin like that but you talk the most sh*t. Don’t claim you’re independent because you’re not.  Get something in your name and stay in your lane and your lane only. It’s always the ones who have nothing going for themselves watching or talking about somebody else. Act your bank account, and I don’t mean negative.
  4. KEEP IT TIGHT. ( Get your mind out of there).  Of course being a baddie comes with your image( but is not the most important). Looks can only get you so far. Work that body out. Working out releases endorphins which makes you feel good afterwards, thus you look good and you will feel good.
  5. BE CLASSY, NOT TRASHY. No man( any respectful man) wants a trashy woman. If you want to attract good attention, be sexy but not provocative. If you’re posting half naked pictures, expect men that just want to smash in your DM’s. Being sexy is showing some but leaving something for imagination. Know the difference between sexy and slutty.
  6. KNOW THAT YOU ARE THAT BI**H.  Evey day you should wake up and look in the mirror and be like “damn” I look good ( not in a cocky way) but so you do show your self some self love and have some self worth. Make plenty room for positive people in your life and people who want to act right, if not exit right>>>>>>
  7. DON’T BE A STUCK UP SUSIE. Nobody likes to associate with stuck up people ( Unless your Kim or Kanye). Be Humble because it could be taken from you tomorrow and those same people you looked down on from the top of the mountain, will be the same people you meet on the way back down. ( They may be at the top by the time you get to the bottom and you’ll be reaching like Scar did Mufasa on the lion king). But we all know how that ended. Stay Humble.
  8. NEVER SPEAK TWICE ( Listen twice, but speak once). You should never have to adress a problem twice to the same person. If they don’t respect you or your presence, know when to walk away. You are a queen.


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