When You Get Knocked Down Nine…(Week#1)

time-100-influential-photos-neil-leifer-muhammad-ali-vs-sonny-liston-56Sooooo let’s get into it..

So tomorrow makes the first day back to working out for me since the accident that I told you guys about.I’m super excited but a little nervous because I love going hard in the gym( it really is addicting) but right now i have to start back slow and gradually make my way back to where I was.

Today I did alottttt of prepping lol. I made meal plans,work out schedules, workout routines,cheat day planning (yes I plan my cheat day) . I planned everything to the T. I have not checked my weight on the scale since before the accident so I’m super nervous because *scratches head and looks away* I haven’t been eating the healthiest throughout my recovery.  ( don’t judge me) *grabs snicker bar*

But on a serious note, tomorrow I will be posting my new current weight *crosses fingers*  and I will be posting that along with a new blog post. Success is always in store for you as long as you never give up. I just wanted to share that with someone out there who may feel like giving up. I’ve been out from an accident and haven’t been working out and have to start back over. I’m cool with that. It’s a process. Enjoy it.

As always thank you guys for your continuous support and love. I really appreciate it from he bottom of my heart. I love you all..Stay Selfish ❤



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