Week#1( Back at it)

Soooooo Let’s get it….

20181104_184147_2  So today was my first day working out and y’all…I could barely make it all the way through but I pushed through.

Today I did thirty minutes on the treadmill and twenty minutes of strength training. I really have to say I enjoyed the treadmill more than the strength training. Starting off small, I did sit ups.  OMG!!! my stomach cramped up from doing sit ups. I was in so much pain. I literally just laid there until and slowly turned over to stretch out my abs.

While I was out from recovery I did cut out sodas and only drinking lemon water, which is my favorite kind of water anyways. It’s so refreshing in the morning to have. I have that before I have my coffee. There is still some stuff I have to cut out, but I’m starting out slowly.

Just a reminder to anyone out there, nothing happens overnight. You really have to slowly cut out things that are bad for you and keep and get your body active. Now, on my first time weigh in back in July,I was 167. I am two pounds more than what I was in the beginning.

I am working on something that I am so happy to share with you all very soon. It’s a little more personal.I’m looking forward to sharing it soon.

Thank you for your all your love and support. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.  ❤ Stay Selfish

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