Storytime: She Did What???!??

Sooooo Let’s get into it.

LbyyOkay so it’s been a while since I’ve done a storytime so I was like “why not”? Sooo here we go..

The characters in this story are me, my friend Morgan, her boyfriend Shane, and her sister Lana. By the way, all of these names are fictional to protect privacy.

Okay so me and Morgan use to hang out all the time…Like ALL THE TIME. parties, movies, drinks, we went out all the time together. Morgan was like a life of the party type of person. She loved going out. I did too. But I only did when I could. Morgan would call out from work to go to a sorority party, or a club with her other friends. ( Sorry sis, we’re not the same). * Funds create Fun*. I would rather work than to go to a party.

Shane was the type of person that had a job, but it was just enough to get by. He mostly depended on Morgan to take care of him. ( I don’t think so..but is none of my business). He would spend his time rapping and basically not really taking life serious because he had Morgan to help him out. ( they also have a child together)

Lana is younger than Morgan by two years. Lana is very level-headed. She knows what she wants in life and she goes after it. She’s in law school and is doing very good. She likes to go out as well but not as much.  She’s the goofy type of friend.

So now that I’ve introduced you to everyone let’s get into this story.  One day me and Morgan was at work and she was asking me if I wanted to go out the next night. Now even though I go out with Morgan a lot, I would never skip work to go out. That’s not me and never will be me. So I declined on her offer and she went out with her other friends the next night to a sorority party.

A couple a days after that she called me to tell me about the party. She had a good time. She was drinking, dancing, etc. The usual stuff that occurs at a sorority party.  Then she proceeded to ask me if she could borrow $20 from me. I gave it to her. * pause* Now Morgan is the type that does not have her priorities in  line.  I sometimes use to preach to her about that as she always nicknamed *mama*. But I got to a point where I just cared more about her situation than she cared about it so I decided to back off and let her make her own decisions.

The next day she calls and said her boyfriend and her need a ride to the store. Now, I’m already out and it’s not out the way so I take them to the store. She gets out but her boyfriend stays in the store. She comes out with so many cigars. She bought them for him. I just don’t get it. After that, I decided to distance myself from her and him.

So the holidays come around and she quits her job because her sister quits  hers. But her sister had a better job. Morgan was really just following her sister up. After a while I would see Morgan post pictures on social media with her at the beach, with new outfits, and just on vacations and stuff. I was like ” where is she getting this money from if she’s not working”? But once again, it was none of my business.

Morgan would post pictures of her at the beach with captions that read ” I get money” or ” gift from bae” etc. I was confused but whatever. So about two weeks later her sister Lana wanted to meet up to just talk. I agree to meet up and we go to Olive garden for a lunch date. She’s telling me how she’s stressed because Shane is asking her for money and it’s making her struggle by helping her out.  I then realized, that Morgan was flexin on social media. That money was never hers, it was Lana’s money that was taking her on vacation and getting her gifts.  I then told her that Morgan did the same thing to me but I cut her off as far as financially.

Lana eventually cut her sister off as well. So because Lana cut her off, Morgan was broke and could not help her boyfriend out. Morgan soon decided to go look for another job but it was only enough to get by. So her boyfriend suggested that she get a second job to take care of him and the baby. Morgan ended up getting a second job and basically ended up taking care of her, her boyfriend, and the baby. ( Hell would freeze over before I get a second job for a man). If I get a second job it’s because I want one.

First off, her boyfriend always complained of her posting his name on her social media. He didn’t even want her posting that he was in a relationship with him. She took it down and he said that she could put his initials. She has pictures of him on her social media, but he has none of her.* pause* Something is wrong with that but that’s none of my business. Anyways, he ended up cheating on her because they never had time for each other and he didn’t want to take care of the baby most of the time. But he wanted her to get a second job so of course he would have the baby most of the time. *duh*

I have talked to her a couple days ago to see how she was doing. She still is trying to win him over by getting a third job *How!!!???* I had to remember that it was not my situated and that I had to stop getting in her situation as a friend. I will update you on this situation…Hopefully she comes to her senses before she runs herself crazy for a boy who clearly doesn’t want her and running from his responsibilities.

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