The End Of Week 1 ( Bittersweet)

Sooooooo Let’s get into it…..

hqdefault (1)  The first week back to working out has been a challenge but I pushed through. I love challenges. It pushes me to be better and stronger. If something doesn’t make you uncomfortable or irritated then you are not growing.

I have not had a cheat day this week yet only because I want to lose a little bit more before I give my body a treat. I want to be able to feel like a EARNED my reward. ( maybe in a few weeks). Maybe after thanksgiving perhaps. ( I love me some banana pudding) hmmmmm lol.

I am still going to weigh myself on Sundays. So I’m staying away from the scale for right now. Although this will be tempting but I’m going to do it.

So far I have been eating alot of salads, creating my own. (I will soon be posting some recipes that I’ve made). I really don’t like salads that have too much lettuce in it. ( like it’s more lettuce than anything). I’ve also made alot more healthy dishes and healthier versions to foods that I like.

Waking up early in the a.m to do my workouts has been bittersweet I have to say. I look forward to getting back in it, but because I’m getting back into it, it’s hard. But always remember anything new is hard at first. I am just getting body back use to working out which is okay. I’m in no hurry to lose it. Slow progress is good progress. Do things the right way and you will always succeed I promise.

This wraps up this week’s blog. Thank you all as always for riding with me through this journey. I really do appreciate it and love each and every one of you.  ❤ STAY SELFISH

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