Healthy Habits That’s Changing My Life

habitsSoooo Let’s get into this shall we?

As you all know I’m on my fitness journey and I hope you all are along with me as well. So, today I will be sharing with you five habits that I’ve mastered that has changed my life…Follow me.

1. STARTING MY DAY OFF WITH SELF REFLECTION AND POSITIVITY –  now I feel like working out and being healthy is more than just the physical, it’s alot of mental as well. I love to wake up in the morning with my COFFEE of course ( If you want to get me a present for Christmas…A Starbucks gift card, I’m just saying lol) Starting my day off positive gives me more of a boost.

2. THROW THE WHOLE SCALE AWAY- In one of my past posts, I’ve talked about constantly checking the scale to track my progress..No. Stop.. Don’t do it. If you need to just hide the scale.This habit goes along with the first one. You want to protect you mental health. If you are stepping on the scale every single day, you’re not going to see much progress. When you don’t see the scale moving , you’re going to give up.

3. NEVER FORGET YOU DATE WITH SLEEP- Sleep is so important. I got this habit down literally about four months ago. I wasn’t really a big sleeper. I was a person that always loved being busy ( I still am). But sleep is what gives us part of our energy to keep going throughout the day. When you have lack of sleep you lack motivation, concentration, and just overall you’re going to be in a really sluggish mood sooo..Don’t cheat on sleep with life. You need sleep to continue to be great in life.

4. PLANNING AHEAD-  This can be a number of things such as meal prepping, company functions, or just going out with your friends. Always plan ahead. It makes you less likely to fall off the wagon ( which is okay, we’re human ). Like for me, my favorite restaurant my boyfriend and I love going to is either California dreaming or Red lobster ( their biscuits!!! Lawd lol) So when we go out, I sometimes look at the menu on my phone to decide on what I want before I get there so I’m not tempted to pick anything unhealthy.

5. WHO DOESN’T LOVE REWARDS- As I’m on this journey I know and see that this journey is a lifestyle, it’s not a quick-fix or diet. Diets, you usually crash. A healthy lifestyle is adopting new habits that form over time to get you where you want to go. It’s not a race? Race for what? So when I realize that it’s not a race and I take my time, I love to reward my self for little milestones. It makes my journey much easier and gives me something to look forward to.  ( I love going shopping for makeup or clothes so we’ll see soon what it will be this time).

As always, I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me and being with me along on this journey. I love you all so much….<3 Stay Selfish.


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