Stuck Between A Bed And A Cold Place (working out in the winter)

stock-photo-hot-pink-snowflakes-39593473This is so funny because I’m currently writing this post from bed, soon getting ready to get up and hit the gym. ( ugh the dedication is real). But as usual let’s get into this shall we??? Let’s go

If you are like me, it’s a struggle to get out of bed in the morning during the winter time.  Like, I just want to be comfy and warm in my bed blasting the heat.  But in adult world we all have responsibilities which requires us getting out bed and get moving. ( ugh, responsibilities is fun) .But part of responsibilities is taking care of your body,especially in the winter time, which is the time where most people catch cold. So, it’s important to take extra care of yourself during the winter season. So here are five tips to help you out. You ready? Let’s go.

  1. PLAN THE NIGHT BEFORE-  this is so important because when you plan ahead, you’re most likely able to stick with your desired task. So let’s say your work out is tomorrow morning right? The night before have your workout clothes, shoes, gym bag, headphones, etc. layed out or sleep in your workout clothes ( like I do).
  2. CHOOSE YOUR METHOD- you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym for a workout. You can workout anywhere. If you find it difficult to get up for the gym, watch a fitness video on YouTube and get to moving!!!! Plus it doesn’t matter what you wear because you’re in the comfort of your own home. ( I love zumba or Just dance)
  3. THINK ABOUT THE BIGGER PICTURE- We all want to look good for the summer, we all want to wear summer outfits. Nobody wants to be wearing long sleeve shirts in the summer because they are ashamed or have low self esteem about their flabby arms. So take advantage of the winter…..You want to SLAYYY ALL DAY in the summer.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA IS YOUR FRIEND- So you’re laying in bed contemplating on whether you want to do your workout or not. This is what you do…Get out your phone and get onto instagram or whatever you may use. And just look at pictures that inspire you and motivate you to get up.  Find something that motivates you to get up. ( I have a Bluetooth speaker that I have in my room that I will charge at night and close to bed time I will turn it on. When I wake up in the morning, I turn my Bluetooth on my phone on and connect it to the speaker to listen to music that gets me in the mood or I listen to motivational words) Anything to get me up.
  5. HYDRATE- Always remember to keep your skin hydrated. You do this by moisturizing your skin with sunscreen or lotion and by guessed it…Water. Winter is always the season where our skin gets really dry from the cold air so make sure you are taking care of yourself inside and out.


As always I want to thank you all for coming along with me in this journey. I love you all so much. Thank you for the continuous support and love. It means so much. Again. I love you……Stay Selfish ❤

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