Storytime: SpringBreak 2016 (Worst Ever)

imageswhat up you guys. I haven’t done a storytime in a while so I was like why not change it up sometimes, soooooo…Here we go. Let’s get into it.


Everyone’s name in this story is completely fiction for privacy purposes. So the characters in this story are me, my boyfriend Devin, my friend Krystal,  her boyfriend James, and a couple of other friends.

Krystal is that friend who looks innocent from the outside looking in. Butttt…I’ve been her friend for a very long time and I know this girl like every female can spot a fake Michael Kors handbag. ( I just know her as she knows me).  James is the same way but he is private ( which is the way to be). He also has a wild side to him. So let’s get to the story.

It’s a few months before spring break and everyone at my college are making plans for spring break. Most of my college has the same idea…..PANAMA DUHH!!! so my boyfriend, me. and our friends get together and put in money for a room ( you have to book crazy early). We continue planning the trip up until spring break.

Spring break is here! Before we even leave drama breaks out ( ruins my mood). One of my friends ( Shae) finds out her boyfriend ( Vance) has a facebook page she knew nothing about. Vance has always said he doesn’t have social media so this made Shae go off!!! Not only that but it showed he was in a relationship with someone else. ( At this point, I was not about to let this ruin my trip) It wasn’t my problem but she is my friend.

Someone who made a secret profile page sent a screenshot of messages between her and Vance to Shae’s inbox. It was indeed Vance talking to this person.  She confronts Vance about the messages and Vance denies it. Shae at this point, does not believe Vance.  The whole driving situation had to be switched up now for this situation. All the girls rode in one car and all the guys rode in the other one.

I drove ( I love driving). So on the way there we’re talking about Vance cheating. Shae and Vance had been together on and off for like eight years so this was a big deal to her. Surprisingly, Shae wasn’t crying about it. She was more furious than anything. So Shae get Krystal to add this secret page and talk to the girl about Vance. The girl is saying everything like Vance has been to her house, they been out on dates, he proposed to her before, etc. I just knew had to die down the situation a little before we got to Panama. After all, it was my last year of college, I was trying to have a lit spring break. So i kept talking to her about how she needs to take this time to focus on her and not the situation. We’re going to Panama to have fun. So don’t be upset while you’re here ( of course easier said than done).

We finally get to Panama and we get settled in and everything before we go out and have a good time.  Tension is in the air. Nobody is trying to say anything that will cause Shae or Vance to argue. We’re actually trying to keep them apart.  So we end up going to this restaurant. We all sit down and everything is cool….at first.

Krystal suggests that we discuss the elephant in the room ( what elephant?) The problem is between Vance and Shae. Everyone is still sitting there quiet and Krystal says she feels as though Vance should apologize for cheating. Vance ONLY reply back was ” cheating is when it’s physical*. This started something else because then Krystal and Vance were going back and forth now. FYI: cheating online is called emotional cheating.

So while they’re sitting at the table arguing, my boyfriend is on his phone on a call and my phone is close to dying ( as always) I never keep my phone charged.  So I ask Krystal if I could use her phone. She hands me her phone and I step outside to make a call.  As I’m on the phone call, a message from the mystery girl on facebook comes to Krystal’s phone ask if Krystal has did it yet? I’m confused because I’m not sure what this is but I’m just watching after this.

We leave the restaurant and go to the liquor store to get ready for that night. We get back to the room and we get ready to head to the beach. We get there and there’s so many people there ( of course right). Alot of us got separated, but one person that was noticeably gone was Shae.  We could not find her that fast. So we’re looking for her while all holding hands and can’t find her. None of us had our phone on us so we couldn’t call her. We all decided that we would just have fun for a while and if we don’t see her we will handle it from there.

Eventually I had to go back to the room to get my phone to find out where Shae was. I get back to the room and guess who is there??? Shae.I walk in and ask her why did she come back. She said she just wanted to be alone. I hear the shower going so I ask her who does she have in here. She says a guy she met on the beach. I immediately got so upset with her. She put herself and all of us in danger. Then not to mention the drama she would have to deal with from Vance ( even though he was wrong too). I kick him out and me and Shae have a talk. After a while I hear a knock at the door. It’s my boyfriend and the rest of the guys.  I open it ( so glad the guy left before they came back). They just came back to check on us. I told them that I would be staying in the room with Shae and that they should go back down to the beach and have fun and make sure Krystal and everyone else is good.

We stayed in Panama two days after that but it was pretty much just a chill day after the first day. Nobody was trying to do anything too stupid to end up in jail and then there was tension still between Vance and Shae. All the girls knew about Shae’s fling of course but we all talked about in private and we were all mad but keeping her secret at the same time.

The morning we were getting ready to leave that same mystery girl messaged Shae again with a screenshot of her and Vance conversation from the morning before. Now, Vance phone broke while they were on their way back to the beach when they came and checked on me and Shae. So how is that possible? So to first make sure that this was real I took Shae’s phone and asked the girl how did Vance message you. She replied back from his phone because he called her right after he messaged her on facebook. I then ask her from what number. She gave me the number of his broken phone. After one of my friends looked into the conversation we saw that Vance was telling the truth the whole time. This was a made up conversation to make it look like Vance was talking to her when he wasn’t.

Vance has a horrible way of defending himself. When Krystal said that he should apologize  for cheating. The only thing he came up with ” cheating online isn’t cheating”. That’s not how you plead your case.

We make it back home from Panama and a few weeks later go by and Shae texts me and a bunch of other of our girlfriends in a group text to say she’s pregnant and she thinks it’s the guy from Panama’s baby………( to be continued).


Once again, I want to thank each and every one of you guys for showing your continuous support and love. I love you all and mean that from the bottom of my heart……<3 STAY SELFISH





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