Changing Your Mindset From Insecure to ” I Am Her”

logoSoooo let’s get into this….

First, let me start off by saying that everyone has insecurities whether that is physically, emotionally, etc. We all deal with insecurities on some type of level. My insecurity would be my legs. I work out so much on my legs ( i love leg day) that if I take a break from working out for awhile my legs will become bigger. So all that muscle that I had when I was working out is now turning into fat. So I always have to make sure that I keep that up. That was just me sharing an insecurity of mine.

If you are insecure about yourself…Don’t be, but at the same time it’s perfectly normal and okay to feel that way. It’s all about how you deal with that insecurity that matters.  Never let someone make you think that something is wrong with you as far as your insectivores go.  There are some people who like to point out flaws about you and take it and run with it and try to make you feel less than a person. Get your confidence level all the way up there and know that you are worth it baby girl.  We live in a cruel world. I get on social media sometimes and I see stories of kids and teenagers being bullied and killing themselves because of this.  Some people feel that if you look a certain way you will make it in life and you have it easy.  That is not the case. Beyonce is living proof that it does not matter how you look. Jay-Z cheated on her and she’s beautiful. So being insecure has nothing to with you as a person. Looks fade but it’s your personality that sticks. Don’t get me wrong, looks do matter to a certain extent, but your personality is what keeps you in the door.

A good example of this would be Cardi B. Everyone loves her because she’s funny but she’s also pretty and talented. Let’s be honest if she was only pretty and not funny and talented you would be like “Oh she’s pretty”. Then you would skip over her to find someone else. But she brings something other than her looks to the table.

So please never walk around with your head down. Live your truth and have your confidence on high at all times ( don’t be cocky). Also, never let someone make you feel bad for doing something that helps your confidence. If your friends are teasing you about a dream you may have then they are not your friend. Run fast away and far away. They will only bring you down and make you feel worse. Please, whatever it is…DO YOU!!

There was one point in my life where I was around 130 and my family ( who lives somewhat of an unhealthy lifestyle) were telling me I needed to stop working out. ( I was still eating regularly and working out normal). My family isn’t very active so they didn’t get that. I didn’t want to lose weight for anyone but myself. I love my family. Family is everything to me but damn what they or anyone else thinks. As long as you’re going about being confident in a healthy and safe way…( clap it up) go out there and do it.

Live your truth and do it good. Going back to Cardi B, listen. Cardi B lives her truth. We all know her for being ratchet. But guess what? Her being ratchet and funny is what got her to where she is. Live your truth and don’t be scared of what others may say. Only God can change judge. Don’t ever be worried about what someone may say about your flaws because nobody on this earth is perfect and who are they to judge you? That’s why I don’t idolize anyone. Don’t get me wrong, you can look at someone as inspiration. but never idolize. Like this ” relationship goals”  things on social media, I look past that because they make look like they’re happy but social media is a flawless world. People only post the good. You don’t know what happens behind closed doors. So never idolize anyone.

Own who you are as a person. Never try to be like someone else because people will peep that and you don’t want that.  If you feel like you are insecure wake up in the morning and meditate or pray, work out, say daily affirmations,etc. Take those baby steps to becoming who you are. When you are yourself people will love you for it. If you are insecure and you go about it the wrong way you will only end up pushing away the ones who love you.  If you feel like you’re fat but your man loves you for you and  you’re constantly downing yourself about. Go work out. Nobody wants to be around or be with someone who is constantly bringing themselves down. Fake it til you make it!  Being insecure will only ruin your life whether that’s getting that career you want, that person you’re scared to ask out, etc. Be you and own it or Be quiet and work on you in silence while faking your confidence.

Write down a list of things that you like about yourself and then write down things you don’t like. Every single day that you wake up say the things that you do like about yourself. Eventually you will be your own Hypeman. ” Oh, I love my eyes”or ” I love my butt”. Whatever it is SAY IT. And the things you don’t like about yourself work on in private if you feel like you can’t tell anyone or have negative people in your life. You may think your butt is too flat, well do squats in the privacy of your own home, etc. Whatever you have to do to make yourself feel good do it.

I just want to say thank you so much for the continuous love and support. I love each and every one of you. ❤ STAY SELFISH

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